Zenfone 8 - satisfied?

Dear ones, do we have users here at all who are really satisfied with the choice of Zenfone 8?

Those who may experience some minor inconvenience in everyday use, but otherwise everything is fine? I realize that on forums we usually raise problems and what frustrates us, but maybe they will report to you really satisfied? Or maybe everyone will sooner or later get the death of this model?

I am addressing my question mainly to users with longer experience.


  • PlumbCarton5607PlumbCarton5607 Level 1
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    I enjoyed my time using the zenfone 8 since buying it on Christmas of 2021, the screen is great though i wish it could get dimmer and the aspact ratio is literally perfect. i am satisfied with software experience though there is some bugs that were fixed after changing a couple settings and a quick restart. As well as the headphone jack coming in handy, use it all the time. It's not perfect, software could use a couple bug fixes and features but i am still on Android 11, headphone jack could be moved to the bottem, better design but that was change in the zf9, slimmer bezels and a better battery life

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    Jest opcja po przesunięciu palcem od góry w pasku, "dodatkowe przyciemnienie" i ekran robi się ciemniejszy. Wieczorem jest dla oczu dla oczu.

  • I'm also quite satisfied - the performance, screen, cameras, size of the phone it is all superb, working as a charm! Fortunately didn't have those big problems regarding the proximity sensor (happens only sometimes, very rarely) or freezing etc.

    However there are two things that could be improved:

    • Battery life;
    • VoLTE and VoWIFI support - I know that these two are also dependent on the carrier but in my opinion Asus is not doing enough in this matter (recertification, improvement, putting pressure on the carriers etc.)
  • What a great thread. I am very glad that PlumbCarton5607 has suggested it. Amidst all the "Shittiest Phone Ever" for all of which I have the greatest sympathy - because, for me:

    My 3rd or 4th Android after years with the BlackBerry magical OS10 and their beautifuld devices - and such a great phone. Configurable to an extent that previous Android phones were not, great spec, great design, great build quality, great finish.

    It is larger than any phone I have had in the past and would prefer it if smaller; but I can see that in this class it is considered "small" and any smaller would have compromised the extraordinary packaging (engineering density) and battery longevity. (I flirted with a Nokia that at just one size up is hideously large, it's like carrying a suitcase around.)

    Not wild about the 24:10 aspect ratio (VERY long and thin!) but getting used to it and the dpi surpasses any predecessor.

    I bought a RhinoShield bumper case that is a bit better than the supplied case, but even that was amazingly good for the protection provided and for the fit. Usually I consider all cases seriously intrusive (and would never emply the booklet design) but the phone is just too smooth to the touch to risk falling / dropping.

    No Google ID. I use Aptoide for app installation / update. Absolutely perfect up until yesterday and now it's dropping out in the middle of its operations but I think if I wait a whjile it might right itself - fingers crossed. My next bet would be UpToDown.

    Call quality and coverage (EE in Scotland) is excellent. I won't pretend I begin to understand the intricacies of 3/4/5G / VoLTE / WiFi Calling, but all associated banner icons swap painlessly in and out as location alters. I haven't missed a call or had one drop out. (My previous service provider couldn't reliably provide or even explain WiFi Calling, and giggled brainlessly at the phone because they had never heard of it,)

    Very much welcome the Battery Care management. In fact - generally extensive playtime facilities under Settings; though the pathways are not particulary obvious, intuitive or memorable,

    I use a work email address and my employer has taken some control of the device (a) by insisting on PIN protection (which I might have introduced anyway but dislike being ordered about); and (b) restricting screen idle time to 10 minutes - that really is annoying.

    Can't think of too much else but there we go. I don't care at all about fancy camera settings or outputs, and not too much about sound (music) and vision (videos) but all seem more than satisfactory.

    Thnaks again for suggesting this thread. A nice counter-balance to all the doom and gloom. Though: that said: my sympathies again and it is quite shocking that some users are having such a bad time with what is, all things considerted, still a pretty expensive high-end purchase.

  • Sorry!! I see it was martka_010 who started this. Good one.

  • ZT-383e2c87ZT-383e2c87 Level 1
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    Veloce ma qualche, più d'una, delusione. Zenfone 5, col quale scrivo perché l'8 di è spento Dio colpi colpi, seppur lento è molto più preciso: lettore d'impronta, riconoscimento facciale....non sbaglia una colpo.

    L'8, a differenza del 5, non lo ricomprerei.

  • BlumiBlumi Level 2

    I love my Zenfone. Only downside is update availability. But all the other stuff is great. I even get 7 to 8 h of SOT.

  • I'm really satisfied with this phone (in use since June 2021, not rooted). No issues so far, great perfomance, great speaker sound, love the notification LED (really bad it's gone with zf9...). What I miss: only usb 2.0, so no video output to external monitor (really bad zf9 does not support this either...). Camera app could do better, same for the battery. @Blumi: what's your secret?

  • BlumiBlumi Level 2

    90hz (or 60 if I need 8 hours)

    No hardcore gaming - and around every 4 week I use it till it shuts itself off and charge to 100%

  • I got the phone on release, as there was a slight discount if it was pre-ordered. I made my decision based on its size and headphone jack. I've been using it with a Rhinoshield case since day one.

    I'm satisfied with the phone itself, even though it could do with a longer battery life without the need for the user to fiddle with the settings. I don't think that is fitting a flagship phone.

    The size is great for me, even though it's slightly thicker than my previous phone (Huawei P10+Spigen case).

    I'm not that impressed with the quality of the camera, even though I like having the option of a wide lens.

    I'm very satisfied with the screen.

    The software is OK, I like that I have the feeling of being close to stock Android, without many Asus customizations. However, it is obvious that the quality and frequency of updates have declined over time. There have been updates with serious bugs that should have been caught before release. I have never had that experience on any other phone I owned before. Regarding the frequency of updates, it is almost November at the time of writing, and my phone is still on the security patch from August. I don't feel that is acceptable for a flagship phone released by a well-known company, especially when you take into account the fast pace at which new exploits and vurneabilities are discovered.

    Ever since the whole ramdump situation and no reaction (except "send it in for repair") from Asus, I always have a fear in the back of my mind that my phone could die at any moment. I've never had that feeling with any phone I owned before, even though I used them to their max abilities and rooted/installed custom ROMs on most of them.

    I don't think I will ever buy another Asus phone ever again, just because of the level of support Asus has shown.

  • I am still satisfied with my Zenfone 8. It is much better than phones I owned before (Samsung S10e, Xiaomi Mi Mix S2, Huawei P10). I have been looking at competing phones, but they are too big (e.g. Pixel 7), too expensive (iPhones, Xperia 5), have too much bloatware (Xiaomi, Samsung), and/or worse updating policies.

    For me its battery life is fine: 4-5 hours SOT, if I need more it is time to put my phone aside :-). I prefer my photos over the ones taken by my family members on their Samsung S21 and S10e, which often look oversharp en less vivid. I like and use the Asus additions for battery management and dual apps. What I miss is wireless charging.

    Most annoying of the ZF8 was that the screen doesn't always turn off during calls. I have solved this by always manually locking the screen after I pick up the phone. Luckily I was not affected by any of the bugs introduced after updates. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the beta programmes.

    I am not too worried about slow updates or the upgrade policy. As long as the security updates are not more than 6 months or so behind I think the risks are acceptable in my use case. And after 3 years I either replace my phone or install LineageOS.

  • volte does not work in Poland. soon they will turn off our 3g. and asus pretends there is no problem.

  • Satisfied.

    Plus: size, clean os, battery manager, speakers

    Minus: asus software service (visible limited developer resources ), volte availability , snap 888 (870 would be better and enough), screen refresh options not working as you may think

  • After 12 months of owning this phone, I am pleased with my decision. The reason I bought it was the compact size and affordable price with flagship specs and water resistance. The battery charging limits was a great feature (though more new phones in 2022 have the same feature now).

    I am permanently on 120Hz. Screen on-time could be better but I'm not too bothered with it as long as I plan my day-trip properly. I disabled all power optimization features within the first week (because I was unconvinced they are actually helping), except the Auto-start Manager, whereby I setup the latter to disable numerous apps from auto-starting. Screen on-time estimates according to AccuBattery is 8h 40m.

    A little envious when I watched ZenFone 9 reviews mentioned the new device now has superb battery duration, best processor and other improvements. However, I would try to stay with my ZenFone 8 until it breaks. I hope it survives as long as my previous Samsung, which is 4 years (and still working BTW, just too slow for today's standards hence I shelved it and got this ZenFone 8 as replacement).

  • Absolutely not satisfied.

    The phone is nice to see but it is absolutely not reliable.

    After less than 1 year I decided to replace it... I need a working phone not a STUPID TOY!

    This is my last Asus product.


  • endrjugendrjug Level 1
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    I've said what I don't like in my own topic two days ago already but i'll repeat.

    Things I like:

    Audio Jack, notification led, fast charging good enough but not crazy as chinese phones, charger in box, water resistant - you know, all that stuff packed in better phones, bright torch led (but could be better, i'm working as technician and it's one of my top used features)

    things I don't like:

    Android 12 style quick settings menu (huge buttons, merged wifi and mobile data),

    no microSD support while dual sim (I'm this guy with one phone number for 22 years and never needed dual sim, more like using second phone, but every phone have too small memory capacity for me),

    minor bugs like auto screen brightness stopped working (or just black screen) and need to reboot phone get it working properly

    audio outputs managing (not always visible, should be in quick settings bar and always accesible even when no sound is played)

    Phone conversation quality, this is very important one. It's phone after all. People often say they don't hear me good, especially in speaker mode they hear themselves or my voice echo, bad quality

    Sometimes when talking screen not turn off (not often), but cannot acces quick settings because when i'm reaching my finger for quick menu while calling, the screen turns off :D Please change that for headphones and speaker mode.

    Synchronisation messed up because of system performance mode, even in dynamic mode (mail notifications reach me when I check gmail manually), but this may be gmail issue, I've got the same issues on samsung when stopped synchronisation once, it was messed for months

    White list for apps that should not be killed when "detect and stop" (for battery draining apps) is enabled. It was constantly killing my audiobook app while listening a book. Useless function without white list.

    Not critical, but I just don't like holes and notches in my screen :> Sensors and front camera size were perfect in my old galaxy s8. Actually my perfect phone would be galaxy S8 with upgraded hardware (more memory, ram, faster cpu, bigger battery etc.) and newer software (just bug fixes and compatibility) XD

    Camera app is not bad but lack simple things like timer in OSD not hidden in settings

    In gallery app i've set image for album by accident and I have no idea how to get it back to show newest image.

    I like my zenfone but bought it because samsung got stupid ideas about removing all useful hardware and even headphone jack, wall charger, headphones, microSD etc. but I have strong will to stay for longer with ASUS if it will support devices long enough.

  • I still love my Zenfone 8 and am satisfied. The 9 doesn't have the right features for me.

    I like: headphone jack, audio quality, LED, high quality screen, FM radio, form factor, premium feel, water resistance.

    I don't like: the odd software bug, battery life, limited Android updates (soon to receive its final update).

    Things I'd want extra on the Zenfone 10: longer Android support, better approach to software bugs, zoom lens (gimbal not essential for me)

    Features that are essential for me: headphone jack, hd audio, amoled.

    The Zf8 is such a good phone overall it's a shame that ASUS don't go a bit further with updates. My next phone won't necessarily be an ASUS so they need to remain attractive by not cutting features like the LED.

  • Satisfied with what? This phone is a scam. The battery runs out in a short time even without using the phone, the technical support is practically non-existent. Thanks Asus, really nice product, keep it up

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