Failed to upgrade to windows 11 22H2 by win 11 installation asand sistant Windows produck key

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  1. System: Windows 11 21H2
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX8402ZE
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:I failed to upgrade my windows 11 21H2 version to 22H2 version after retrying 5 times. I mainly used Windows11InstallationAssistant. Now I want to retry by using ISO image file and got the windows product key by opening CMD as administrator and entered this command:

wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

I got that product key and downloaded the 22H2 ISO image file.

I will report you if this method works...


  • After trying most of the solutions found on Internet for upgrading to 22H2, I am trying the last solution: disable Kernel DMA protection. This option ask for the Bitlocker for your change. So be carefull to have this bitlocker. If not you have to use your microsoft account to get in from Microsoft.

  • After UNSUCCESSFULLY trying windowsinstallationassistant for every solution found on the net because I wanted to avoid a clean installation from ISO USB, Idecided to proceed to a clean installation. I was surprised by several facts that:

    1) 22H2 version didn't recognize my 2TB. I used a IRST v.18 which perfectly worked with windows 11 version 21H2. I downloaded the newest version (v.19) from intel web site and 22H2 installation assistant successfully recognized my samsung pcl gen 4 2TB size.

    2. During the installation, I was very surprized to see that all zenbook duo 14 pro drivers were totally not recognized, wifi included. So I had to continue with the limited option installation.

    I redownloaded wifi driver to my samsung fold 3 and fortunately windows 11 22H2 opened my fold 3 drive and installed asus wifi driver.

    So, I found now the reason why windowsinstallation stucked at 100%. The issue comes from the intel IRST.

    Unfortunately, I didn't use the option: install the IRST new exe version before retrying the upgrade to 22h2 by windowsinstallationassistant.

    So, if you are facing the problem, please install the IRST exe (v.19) and retry the windowsinstallationassistant to see if the problem persists...

    OUF!!! From now, I have to spend hours and hours to reinstall my licensef softwares...

  • @Falcon_ASUS

    After making a clean upgrade to 22H2, I forgot to keep product key of Microsoft Office bundled to my zenbook duo 14 pro i7 12th gen. How can I get the product key from my zenbook purchase in order to reinstall that microsoft office?

    Thank for your prompt reply...

  • And now I have got some errors:

  • 555 I don't want to forget to report my nearly 100% upgrade success...

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    I don't need microsft office product key any more. After searching in my microsoft account I found that Microsoft recognize my microsoft office pre installed.

    It is quite hard to find it because it is not clearky underlined.

    If I had been impatient, I would not find it.

    This information is stated somewhere in asus services web?

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