[Phone] Why the inside of the camera lens get foggy?

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If the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the camera lens cap is big, it may cause the lens to be foggy or condensed water droplets. The fog and water droplet may disappear after standing the phone in a while, it is normal, please feel free to use the phone.


If the camera lens get foggy:

1. Please place the phone in room temperature to dry the lens in a while or in a dry environment before using the camera.

2. Use a dry eyeglass cloth/soft cotton cloth to wipe it radially in one direction. *Do not wipe the camera lens back and forth because it is easy to cause scratch on the lens & do not use detergent to wipe the lens.

3. Do not use a hair dryer to dry up the lens. *The air temperature from hair dryer is hard to control, the hot air may damage the adhesive and the internal components of the lens

4. In cold areas, you can place your phone in a warm place, such as jacket pocket to prevent condensation.

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