When will zenfones get their SD slot back?

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I was thinking of upgrading from my samsung j7 to a zenfone, but the last phone with a microSD slot is the 7. it has a weird camera setup, 2 years old aint bad, but the camera though. The 9 has a headphone jack, great internal bits, looks smaller then most, and has lots of storage...but i don't want to abandon my 7 year old microSD slot D: its 200+ gbs FULL of memories & music!

idk, just send this along to the higher ups & maybe i'll buy from this line. otherwise im stuck with samsung for another 7 years.


  • @lizchibi78 why would they put a micro SD slot in a phone when they can make people pay for extra memory. It's never gonna happen, so enjoy your J7 👍

  • because heavy customization breeds brand loyalty. look at the SUPER expensive sony phones, they have both and are praised for it (but their battery is...)

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    I heard Zenfone 9 will grow an SD-card slot when you update to Android 13 beta. 😎

  • We are aware of the request for an SD-card slot as it is for most manufacturers.

    Some of the many reasons I remember this is no longer a widely supported feature is that Write/Read speeds are much faster internally than they are on an external memory and require more processing and electrical power.

    Sadly I have no information regarding this being a returning feature but I will forward it to the teams.

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