Zenfone 9 (US Version / Version C) AT&T Support?

Any word on when there will be official ATT support for the Version C (US Version) of the Zenfone 9? I keep checking the official AT&T list but it hasn't been updated since July 6, 2022.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!




  • Since the Zenfone 8 has been on the official AT&T list for awhile, this should be only a formality. Counting on it, as I have been an AT&T customer for years.

  • Would love to hear an official update from ASUS reps on this... :)

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    Hello again. Just some notes to follow up. I did actually receive my new 16GB/256GB in black on Thursday October 13th 2022. Although I have previously always been able to move my sim card over from one unlocked phone to another, it did not actually work this time. Kept displaying "no service a available" and something about needing to register the phone with my carrier. So I attempted calling in to AT&T for assistance, and the representative was trying to insist that even though the Zenfone 8 was on the official approved list that the Zenfone 9 was not and could not be activated. He did finally make an attempt, after I insisted, to move my existing sim card service over to the new phone using my imei number but was unable to accomplish this over the phone. After some discussion, he agreed that I should go into one of their local stores and have them attempt activation with a new sim card instead. End result is that YES my phone is now activated and working well so far. I have only tested a couple of phone calls, but all programs, messaging history, wifi, etc. is now working perfectly on this unit. Better yet, easily connects at 5G, and even with driving around several miles am not encountering any issues when drops to what displays as 4G+ and back to 5G. Will follow up in a day or two if anything changes, or any issues might be encountered.

    One more quick note: Yes the performance of this phone is absolutely amazing with everything that have tested so far.

  • Thanks much for this update, and I'm glad for you that you ultimately had success! And I'm also surprised that they were willing to let you use the Zenfone 9 when their systems were indicating it is not yet approved (as I have heard repeatedly online that they are pretty stubborn about following their list). But good to know that at least technically the phone works great on the ATT network, even if it is not yet officially approved/supported. Please do update us all if anything changes (especially if ATT boots your phone off the network via some automated process of removing "unapproved" phones).

  • So you are getting 5G on ATT? Do you mind me asking what plan you have? I just activated it on cricket and no 5g for me, even though I am in an area with 5g

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    Hello there. Yes, I am getting 5G quite consistently, and have been since the phone was first activated.

    Almost forgot. You did ask which plan that I have, although am not certain if the plan or local service towers might be more important. I have an AT&T Unlimited Elite plan. I hope that this helps.

  • Hi there, just curious if there's any official word from ASUS on the Zenfone 9 having been officially added to AT&T's "approved" list?

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    Just to follow up,

    As it has now been a couple of weeks since activation of my phone, wanted to follow up to confirm that it appears that everything is still working wonderfully. Although I would truly like to see that this model has been added to the official AT&T approved list of phones, there does not appear to be any update since last July. Which of course means that there is not any sign of the Zenfone 9 being yet added.

    I do however have another positive update about this U.S. Version of the phone. AT&T had previously announced an upgraded 5G+ service was going to be rolling out in various citites across the country. And apparently my area has now been added to that list, and this phone has no issues taking advantage of it.

    Here is some information from their announcment about the expanded service:

    AT&T delivers three flavors of 5G* to our customers to give them unique experiences, faster speeds and capacity to do more of the things they like on America's Most Reliable 5G Network1.

    • AT&T 5G using low-band spectrum reaches more than 281 million people in nearly 22,000 cities and towns in the U.S.
    • AT&T 5G+ using C-Band spectrum sits between our other two bands and provides a great combination of ultra-fast speeds and wide geographic coverage.
    • AT&T 5G+ using millimeter wave spectrum delivers super-fast speeds and unprecedented performances in high traffic areas including parts of more than 45 cities and more than 45 stadiums and venues.

    5G+ is faster and more responsive for the most demanding apps and services, from gaming to streaming to video conferencing.

  • I really appreciate this detailed follow-up! Hopefully we'll eventually see the Zenfone 9 on the AT&T official list!

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    jheckard How did you get it working on AT&T? You have version C? I have a feeling I'll go to the store and they'll say it's not approved and leave me with a brick.

  • I popped my sim in and immediately got 5G on AT&T, no issues although the speed isn't as fast as my Samsung which had 5G+ but still solid.

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    Hello there. Yes, I did go into a local store. This was after attempting to work with support over the phone, without any success. I had a very helpful young lady assist me, after listening to what I was requesting and looking at a printed page that I had with me which showed the Asus Zenfone 8 was already on the list.


    As the list is twelve pages long, would recommend just copy this and paste into your internet browser of choice and search the list with the word ASUS.

    Just a follow up thought. You mentioned possible concern about them bricking your phone. As these phones do use physical sim cards, instead of eSIM, unless I am mistaken the worst that might happen might be an unsuccessful attempt to activate. However, as there are a minimum of two people within this discussion who have already verified AT&T functionality, I would anticipate little if any difficulty activating the phone for you when you go into the actual store front location.

    I hope that this helps.

  • Congrats on your sim swap being immediately successful. Am a little jealous as that is what I have always dones as have only used unlocked phones for many years and this is the first one that I was unable to just move old sim into, since all phones started using the same size sim cards. I would like to believe that since your swap worked, then perhaps ATT is actually working on getting the phone added to the approved list. But since soloz is asking, then am guessing they were unsucessful with doing the same.

    As to the mention of 5G+, I am a little confused. As shared in a post on October 31st, at least for AT&T service, that should be supplied by AT&T and not by the phone. Within my same post, I shared a screen shot reflecting the 5G+ service being active on my zenfone 9. I will say though that as I drive around town, the connection does seem to change back and forth between 5G+ and 5G quite regularly. But in their defence, the service has only recently been introduced in this area, and the main city is over six hundred sqare miles. According to Google, 621 square miles.

    Regardless, I am still loving this phone. Although I have not had the opportunity to try out any of the higher end Samsung series phones to compare, I must admit that this unit is the most responsive phone that I have ever had the pleasure of using, not to mention owning. Really glad that I opted to spend the extra to get the 16G/256G version. Am absolutely loving the experience. My last phone had a slower processor, less memory and storage, although it did have the SD slot which I had a high speed larger capacity card in it.

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