For 2 years no improvement with video out. Nobody who streams is using this phone.

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Asus lied in rog phone 6 marketing, implying that you can use both the cooler and video out. It took me a month to get 4 different types of hubs and try them all out. Nothing works. The phone overheats without the cooler. One of the buttons on the cooler doesn’t work 50 % of the time. I recommend to buy anything else for gaming, be it more affordable competition with physical triggers, or tab s8 ultra or ipad. I now have to fight with the store to return my money back or sell for a loss. It's like asus doesn’t take any input from serious gamers or test the phone with intended audience. For 2 years no improvement with video out.

All streamers would be using it if it had working usb c on the cooler. Now, nobody who streams is using it.

Is there any usb c hub that will do video out with the cooler attached at the same time?

Can the usb c on the cooler be fixed with firmware update? Or did asus cheap out and put old usb c without pins for video?

Rog phone 3 has this working.

Did they really make a flagship phone for gamers that can't stream gameplay?

Is my unit defective and this scenario works for you? To have video out with cable with aerocooler attached.


  • Oh, dis goin to make u mad:

    The cooler has no lines for video output, it's a physical limitation and if it had it would constantly disconnect anyways due to a bug that happens all the time.

    Overall, the Rog6 is unsuited for gamers and streamers for obvious reasons.

  • @Danishblunt It's smart, I'm going to spend my day cursing my Rog5 choice when in July 21 I could still buy the Rog3, but the accessories were already untraceable and I knew afterwards that there would never be any for the ROG5, double trouble.

    @Tom from Croatia ASUS smartphones after ROG3 are just light boxes, in addition to not being able to play properly and being affected by a virus more deadly than the black plague, hiv, covid and tuberculosis combined and there is no other satisfactory function, this also includes the ZenPhone

  • Its a 3rd party capture card, not from ASUS. I only have twinview dock and the cooler that came with the Rog3, nothing else.

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