mmWave for India- 5G

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Dear Asus Team,

Since 5G is officially launched in India, would it support mmWave in India?

All the 3 telecom operators (Airtel, Jio & Vi) have spectrum in mmWave.



  • mmWave on an asus smartphone!!! they don't know yet what WoLTE/WoWifi is, maybe in 2050

    888(+), 8(+) gen 1 and dimensity 9000 support mmWave and these frequency bands are operational in countries where these smartphones are certified, no technical reason not to support mmWave on Rog5/6/ 6D in the USA for example, so you'd better change brands if it's an important criterion for you. for now, ASUS' concern is to have a nice RGB.

    That said, you are sure to be able to benefit from mmWare, you live 150m from an antenna, without obstacle!!!

  • Exacly, mmwave is a gimmick as of now. Even something like a tree or a window is enough to completely break the signal.

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