Is it possible to turn off the SIM

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I'd like to turn off the SIM, short of removing it. Is this possible?

Zen8 is great but Oh My Goodness I miss my BlackBerry. Tasks like this and the flexibility on look n feel n usage generally c

onferred by the BB10 OS was unmatched.


  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Settings -> Network settings (first on the list) - SIM Card -> and there You have toggles for both sims.

  • BUT: if only one SIM then although the switch for SIM 1 is highlighted (i.e. not shadow) it does not toggle ON/OFF - it is always ON.

    Or so it seems to me. Is your experience different?

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    Yes, it says that at least one sim must be active, but in this case you can use airplane mode (you can still use wifi in airplane mode)

  • Brilliant! Thank you.

    Turned on Airplane, turned WiFi back on (it was greyed out but accepted the switch) and within a few moments got the WiFi Calling symbol across the top banner. Was able to make and receive calls even though SIM turned off. Which was the point of the experiment.

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