Is Amazon an authorized retailer?

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I "pre-ordered" the ZenFone 9 (black 8GB/128GB version C for the United States) from Amazon on September 2nd. Not the seller Mobile Advance on Amazon, but Amazon Services LLC (Ships from and Sold by Amazon). However, I can't find any definitive proof that Amazon is an official/authorized retailer.

Did Amazon make a mistake or does Asus intend to provide stock of the ZenFone 9 to Amazon for sale in North America/USA?


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    Hi @WeightlessDogs

    Post update down below*

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    Hello there.

    I was feeling very confident about placing my pre-order via Amazon after signing up for alerts back in July to place an order via the Asus website. I received the text from Asus on Friday September 2nd, 2022. I clicked on the link which opened directly to the Asus Store on Amazon. The ONLY option to place a pre-order at that time was listed as being sold by and ships from Mobile Advance. I did indeed place my order and have been waiting patiently, since the listing estimated arrival to not be arriving until between October 20 and 24th. I have actually received an update this week that a shipping label has been created, with the phone to be shipped out Oct 7th, and a new expected arrival date of Oct 12th. Should I be concerned, based upon your note today that the phones should be shipped and sold directly by Amazon?

    I could have easily purchased a Zenfone for another region sooner, but have been waiting for the North American Version to be released. I did not hesitate to place my order, since the link came directly from Asus and even listed the FREE pair of ROG Cetra True Wireless Gaming In-Ear Headphones as shown on the Asus website as well. According the order, the part number is listed as being AI2202-16G256G-BK

    Should I be concerned, as to what will be arriving when it actually shows up?

    Copied from that order.

    Sold by: Mobile Advance


    Condition: New

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    Everything I can find online points to Mobile Advance being the ONLY authorized retailer for ZenFone 9 sales in the United States. This forum won't let me post links to the sources of the quotes below, so I guess just google it if you want to verify?

    "[Pre-order bonus] Promotion is only valid through eligible retailer Mobile advance on and": 'ASUS Launches the All-New Zenfone 9' news article on the US Asus website.

    "Currently our authorized retailers are Mobile Advance on Amazon, [the] Mobile Advance website, and Asus Store": quote from an Asus representative on US ZenFone 9 availability published on an Android Police news article.

  • @WeightlessDogs

    I apologize for the confusion. You are correct, our official sellers are Mobile advance or ASUS. I will edit my above post to prevent confusion.

    Thank you!

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    Hi @jheckard 

    Sorry for the confusion. Mobile Advance is an authorized seller and if you purchase from them on Amazon that's where it come from.

    Thank you!

  • Many thanks to all involved. I feel much better about my investment, and am really looking forward to seeing just how this phone performs. I would like to have had the wireless charging capability, but obviously not a deal breaker for me. I have read several reviews and watched even more on youtube and other sources. Am certain that the camera will be satisfactory, as should be leaps and bounds beyond any cell phone camera that I have ever owned. Am mainly looking for overall performance of the unit, and hoping that the battery life meets expectations.

    Thank you all again.

    I hope that you have a fantastic week.

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