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Hi Dev Team, When we are getting new security patch for ROG Phone 3. Devices are running on July security patch and its October now. Security and Login settings is showing Red Alert.



  • Hi Pervage,

    There is no set date as of now for the update, but it should arrive soon.

  • PervagePervage Level 2

    @ARP_ASUS Is it possible to fix the black crush once at all. Just a thinking if devs can take up this task.

  • The Z 7 is also Red my wife's cheap $200 au Nokia g 10 is on September not good enough

  • There are no critical fixes that needed to be there ASAP. I'm fine with delay given the phones age. We all knew that ASUS arent fantastic at software support, I'm still happy that I do get security updates tho. If they release security updates every 3 months or so for the next couple of years that would be more than a huge steup vs over manufacturers.

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