Which ROG 6 Version Sold In US?

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Which ROG 6 Version is being sold in US. Version A, B, or, C?

Will the packaging show the version?


  • Hello Yahmach0p,

    The ROG 6 version sold in the USA is version C.

    Thank you!

  • What's the difference out of curiosity? And what version does UK have.

  • Well that is disappointing to hear the US gets version C and not version A.

    Was there a reason why the US could not get version A?

    Version A supports more bands.

    In the future I suggest less versions as this creates more confusion for the buyer.


  • Bands authorized in one country but prohibited in another are no longer relevant in 2022, there is no longer any technical or legal reason not to make a single international version.

    Maybe Asus (and many others) think users don't travel

    More certainly, the request to make a restrained version would come from the telephone operators that this will not surprise me, and perhaps from the manufacturers to limit the impact of the parallel market.

    In companies, international salespeople are the most impacted, before 2015 there were only 2 world sectors and 2 phones, now we find full band phones but they still have 2 phones because they want to keep their Iphone :)

    Otherwise, your suggestion is already made for the Rog6, of 5 versions of the rog5 there are only 3 versions left, on the other hand I have not checked if it covers as many countries or if it is not distributed in regions of the world.

  • Some places are selling Version A of the 6 Pro. It's preferable to use that version with US networks. Hopefully when it launches on the 18th in the US, the model will have Version A network bands.

  • Been using my ROG 6 Pro for a few days and can confirm it is using 4G/5G bands (TMobile 44,66,71) which is a surprise since I thought I was getting a version that did not support these bands. Reception is just as good, if not better, than my S21 Ultra I upgraded from.

    I purchased it off Amazon from Mobile Advance which comes with a warranty and they specifically told me this is the US version so I assume the one Asus is selling on their US store is the same model. Model on the back of my box says A12201_D.

    As I said in my previous post there are too many versions and it is very difficult to find the specific specs in terms of bands supported. Asus needs to be more clear in what they are selling if they want customer trust. Put bands supported on the back of the box for example.

    Enjoying the phone so far. Great build quality and looks great. Will see if it can last 3 years at least. Hope this information is helpful to those on the fence about purchasing one.

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    interesting, I bought mine from Mobile Advance too from Amazon, but my box says AI2201_F 🤔🤔🤔

    ok nevermind, I just realized that AI2201_D is the Pro version and AI2201_F is the non Pro version

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