Wierd screen or game issue?

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Hi is this normal when playing game pokemon go when trying to tap on something it does not pick up right away but in other games like PUBG it works right.

Please help me with this one



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    Looks like scenario profile is issue. I switch touch sampling to max and it works. Also I did not do anything about settings

  • its because it sees the motion as a slide not a tap. If you watch your own video you can see how the phone interprets your touch as a slide.

  • The last 3 249 versions are absolutely rotten, the 249.2 just fixes the blocking bugs of the .0 and .1 but does not fix the new ones of the .0 and this tactile bug is one of them.

    I see that you are in 120hz, it does not heat up too much?, with the refresh rate option activated it heats up enormously and reduces the autonomy by one hour. The best compromise is to configure armory create in 120 or 144 and remove the option in Pokemon go, it gives you 60 or 72 fps but does not heat up and does not consume more battery.

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    Yeah no heating issue here! I am going to try those settings you said thanks!

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