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Be careful if you are an audiophile, if you have high-end headphones, or if you are sensitive to latency and lossless quality.

Mediatek does not support AptX codecs, I don't think BT 5.3 latency is that low or there is an equivalent to AptX Lossless (LDAC but unknown to top brands)

The specifications of the 3.5 audio jack are also lower.

In summary, if you have wireless headphones or earphones like Master & Dynamic's, Sennheiser, Bowers & Wilkins and some other excellent brands (Full version AptX, no LDAC) you will have quality equivalent to 20€ devices (AAC, SBC )

Remains the resale solution for the purchase at Sony with LDAC at best. WH/WF-1000XM3-4-5 are excellent

Attention to specifications and tests, GSMARENA list of AptX !!!! and request refer to Rog6 audio test!!!, most other sites don't specify anything about codecs and profiles, below is the correct information.

Rog 6D/6D Ultimate

Hi-Res Audio up to 192 kHz / 24-bit for 3.5mm output


Rog 6 / 6Pro

Hi-Res Audio up to 384 kHz / 32-bit for 3.5mm

Bluetooth® 5.2 (HFP + A2DP + AVRCP + HID + PAN + OPP), supports Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive and aptX™ Lossless


  • As far as an Audiophile is concerned, bluetooth codecs are irrelevant. Also the aptx codecs are niche due to them being proprietary there are only very few headphones that even supports them. So this entire topic is pointless. The BT 5.3 is going to be far more relevant for people over the support of a barely used codec.

    Aptx LL might be relevant to very very very few people, most would use wired when they care about latency. Others use wired when they care about sound quality and if they have to use bluetooth and need decent sound quality, they run AAC since from what I know no good and relevant bluetooth headphone supports aptx codecs.

  • with a HIFIMAN DEVA Pro you have to have a good ear to feel the audio loss between the cable and the BT dongle, this one supports LDAC and APTx, we are moving away from consumer headphones but more and more high-performance models support Aptx and are not ridiculous in BT and allow a freedom that cable does not offer.

    Afterwards, it's just a warning for people who have invested in a headset at 300€ and +, not a purchase advice for a qualcomm Rog6

  • I don't see how it's relevant, the aptx codecs are a clear stepdown vs the LDAC codec. The only codec that can be considered (even tho some might debate that) high res is LDAC at 990kbs mode.

    Even with LDAC, which is notably better than aptx-HD, the bluetooth compression is quite clear, if you think it's hard to hear the difference, then you're absolutely not using a proper amp. I don't think an audiophile will stay long on bluetooth, not only that but the bluetooth module is quite bad itself, the range is awful.

    Personally I wouldn't really call those headphones audiophile grade, I find them a little to close to mainstream headphones.

    They lack soundstage, which in my opinion is the most important, maybe I have this attitude because of my senheiser which spoiled me to no end, but open backed headphones with a rather small soundstage is a big nono. The boosted mids and treble really makes it hard for me to use as well, since I'm all for balanced sound or a more warm profile, I find them quite fatiguing to use.

    Also from what I heard it doesnt scale well with high end AMP's either, which makes sense due to its specs, so I would even debate if the example you posted even constitudes as audiophile grade headphones, then again, at their price point I wouldnt exacly expect greatness either so it's within my expectations. It's not fair comparing my BTR5 + sennheiser setup to 250USD BT headphones, anyways, aptx is not an option for audiophiles, it's inferior to LDAC and is again, not really supported on a whole lot of headphones.

  • It's not to spend a lot of time there but when your wife asks you for a wired and BT headset to listen to her music during house chores, either you do the latter or you accede to these desires :)

    I consider myself happy, she didn't ask me that 🤣

  • As long ur wifey isnt an audiophile it isnt that much of a problem. I got mine B&O H5, she totally happy with them.

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