Zenfone8 crashing regularly on phone calls

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My Zenfone 8 is crashing regularly when making phone calls.

Android version is 12

Patch level 5th August 2022

There's a screen shot of the software version.

I've had VoLTE enabled, I'll try disabling that to see if that makes any difference.

In any case a phone should NOT crash during a phone conversation.

This is a pretty serious issue for a phone to have, for example should it crash during an emergency call the consequences could be catastrophic and life threatening, rather than just extremely annoying.


  • Hi @micktion

    We're sorry to hear about this and understand this can be a bit frustrating. Can you let me know if this began when you updated your device?

  • I believe it started after a recent system update a month back.

    Although, I've also been troubleshooting 5G connectivity issues, I did play around with the network settings trying to troubleshoot that issue. I think I switched on voLTE when it wasn't activated before, Since switching off voLTE I haven't had too many conversations, but it hasn't crashed, so perhaps that is it.

    Within the next few years voLTE may be required to make phone calls, so if it's broken you'll need to fix it.

  • Thank you for the update! Can you let me know what carrier you're using??

  • Mine does the same, randomly crashing during calls, this only happens when using VoLTE.

    I also get a random click sound now and then, also only while using VoLTE.

    I'm on the latest firmware, and using Telstra in Australia. I can't troubleshoot anything right now as my phone turned off this morning and is unresponsive.

  • I'm also with Telstra

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    Telstra VoLTE worked fine on my Galaxy S9, so it would be weird if it's a Telstra-specific problem rather than a Zenfone 8 problem

  • You can't blame a carrier for a phone crash, regardless of what their service is doing, the phone shouldn't crash as a result.

    You might expects faults with the carrier to cause dropped calls, or data connectivity issues, but having the phone turn to a brick for a couple of minutes before rebooting is not a carrier issue.

  • I wish it was just a couple of minutes before rebooting.

    My phone bricked itself seemingly permanently this morning.

    I will never buy an ASUS product again, what absolute rubbish they produce.

  • Never had this issue and I call people for up to two hours on occasion. Seems like an unstable connection to me, connected to Telstra. German Telekom here.

  • Contact the support, I assume it's the unfortunate but known ram dump issue? It seems to have gotten rare, you've gotten unlucky :/

  • Cheers, yeah I've reached out to support.

    From what I read, this ram dump issue can only be solved by replacing the mobo and will cost several hundred dollars. And I expect I'll lose all my data. It doesn't sound like a good solution.

  • @b0ttl3m4n do you have voLTE switched on in the Settings -> Network -> Internet -> Sim 1 on your phone?

    If not try switching it on then re-evaluate your comment.

    Whilst deactivating voLTE is an easy work around, all the carriers are moving to it and some may require it in the near future. If voLTE becomes mandatory, without a fix you wouldn't be able to reliably use the phone to make calls.

  • I use both voLTE and voWIFI without issues here

  • @b0ttl3m4n and what version of android are you using and what build is installed on your phone?

  • I'm also on Telstra Aus. No problem normal calls.

    But when I make a call using the 3.5mm with any headset, then the device restarts during the call. Everytime.

    I'll check if I still have this bug now that I've updated to the .138. Will update later.

  • volte does not work in Poland. soon they will turn off our 3g. and asus pretends there is no problem.

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