Is there ever going to be another security update for the ZenPad 3S (Z500M)?

mgeer107mgeer107 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
The last AVAILABLE security patch was June 5 2018, 7 months after I bought my tablet.  This is ridiculous.  My apps are slowly starting to not work.  I have been an ASUS customer for almost a decade, but if this is the current state of product support I'm moving on.


  • kikolykikoly Level 5

    The guidelines for software maintenance for ASUS and Google for tablet products are updated at any time within 18 months of publication.
     Products over 18 months may have incompatible side effects due to the new Android OS and hardware platforms. 
    In order to avoid affecting the usage rights and situations of most users, only major functional anomalies will be corrected. 
    Thank you for your support and care for ASUS products.
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