Vibration is too weak to feel in pocket

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Model Name: zf9

Firmware Version: 32.2040.2040.23

Rooted or not: nope

Frequency of Occurrence: permanent

Vibration is so weak that its almost guaranteed to be missed. Yes, I have set it to max.

I noticed that when taptic is set to max, highlighting a word in any text results in stronger vibration. Could we get that powerful thing for notifications as well?



I know many phones these days say that taptic engine blablabla but the function of Vibration for notifications is too well.... Notify. So I consider it a bug. Lets compare the vibration of a recent Sony Xperia or an older Samsung (S10-) with this one.

Am I alone with wanting to have a private notification in public, without putting the speaker on max and letting the room know that I've got a message? Or no one else is using this feature?


  • Have you checked your vibration strength settings for notifications in the accessibility menu?

  • Sure :)

    Can you feel notifications in your pocket as you walk around?

  • Yes. For me, the intensity of the vibrations is sufficient. I can even feel it in my jacket pocket. :)

  • Oh, wow! I wonder if I have a faulty unit then. I need to find another instance if this OR maybe other people to comment here.

  • I checked again (my previous statement was based on the incoming call sensations) and indeed - I do not feel vibration in the notifications as well. However, I can feel it when there is an incoming call, it seems to be stronger then. Or maybe it is because of the length of the vibration that you can feel it better.

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    Thanks for trying!

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