As fragile as the Rog5

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Sicne many still want to be in denial that the Rog6 is not a copy and paste and claim its way less fragile:

All he did was having it in his pocket. As the it's predecessor, the Rog 6 is very fragile and very suseptible to bending, which will in turn cause the same damages as on the Rog5 which are broken back glass, ripped internal cables and logicboard damage due to components cracking solderballs.


  • Yeah, was reading through that post and he did say he used a 'tpu case', which is that silicon bendy one.

    Just as a personal opinion (and as I own the device), I use a rugged phone case that cannot bend. It's not one of those silicon cases....but I think it helps protect the phone

  • Problem there is, you buy a phone that you find aesthetically pleasing just to shove it in a rugged case because you are scared of it breaking, also when gaming you're literally forced to take it out of the case because otherwise youll cause the device to die due to massive heat. It's not a solution and it's not acceptable to have a 1k USD+ device be this fragile.

  • Agreed the build should be better..... But to be honest, I've always used a case for my devices (I guess I'm just over protective of my devices). I think my last phone which I never used a case for was a Nokia 6600 lol.

    I guess I'll be extra careful with the device I've got

  • You should post the link of your protective shell, it may be useful to others.

    I really do not see what shell it can be, the only one that resists the bending of a trouser pocket is this one but does not seem to exist for the rog6 and has significant defects, front-rear fixed by screws, fan integrated useless and incompatible with all fans on the market, aggressive for pockets (you have to file the tips), unusable on a daily basis.

    The link given by @Danishblunt is obvious but even without breaking like the photo, in the medium term, repeated bending deteriorates all interior connections (SIM, fingerprint reader, speaker)

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