How to clean the back of the phone

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I've been using my phone for a month now and use it without a case. That's because I find that the phone is less slippery than using it with the case that was bundled with the phone.

I have the blue coloured phone which I like a lot. I try to clean it regularly but you can still see spots where your fingers have mostly been. What would be the best way to clean this? I tried regular soap but that doesn't seem to work.



  • Hey @progbert, you can clean the back of your Zenfone 9 using a cotton ball/pad with some lukewarm water. Please refrain from using any alcohol-based solution.

  • In the rear I have carbon fiber vinyl and no problem and very nice.

  • I tried to clean it with some warm water and a bit of soap but that barely helped. Even doing it every day didn't prevent it from the stains getting bigger and darker

  • @Mansi_ASUS after cleaning it multiple times the way you mentioned, this is still the result:

  • What kind of substances are these? It seems somekind of oil or grease... I think it could penetrate into the backcover material. You need absolutley a cover for this phone!

  • @jefniro it's just the bit of grease that's on your finger that your body creates. That's a bit of fat and normally shouldn't be able to get into plastics.

    In my opinion you shouldn't need to be forced to use a case or cover to keep the phone looking decent. And with the included case, the phone is so much slippier.

  • Hello Asus, my red variant is luckily not getting any grease spots, however the edges and corners are getting darker and darker. I tried to clean them with a hot watter, with hot water with soap, but it made no difference.

    Is the plastic just getting dirty and there is a way how to clean it or is it deteriorating already, after few weeks of usage?

    And NO, case is not an option, I hate cases and screen protectors and other similar accessories, I prefer to use my phone in its beauty. I usually manage to keep my phone looking like new for whole two years, before I'm replacing it.

    My Zenfone 9 already looks like two years old after two months

  • It is not the edges that are getting darker, but the rest of the housing is greased. Ie. it is brighter than the edge (anyway, it is a matter of the light angle, which is darker and brighter). Cleaning with grease removers gives good results - e.g. for cleaning glasses, or in the economical variant, washing-up liquid. Due to the protruding lenses, it is impossible to clean the housing anyway, and omitting any fragment or difficult access causes stains to be left where it was not possible to clean it.

    What's more, the inscriptions on the casing are rubbing together, which looks poor.

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    Red phone, also reporting darker spots on edges, so i had to use the case :( . Phone looks dirty and old after few weeks of use. I thought that review guys are over-reacting, but no. Interested in Asus comment about this

  • As i thought... The red one has the same issues. As you and LukeBiel wrote. Corners of my blue's are getting darker and phone looks like dirty, old device. :( I bought this smartphone partly because of it's design, but now, after a few weeks of use, i must put it into case. I would like to see Asus comment too...

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