Does ZenFone 9 support LDAC for bluetooth earbuds?

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Hello, I'm trying to configure ZenFone 9 to use ldac codec with OPPO Enco X but in developer options I can only select sbc or aac.

Is ldac codec supported?


  • I was able to use LDAC with Sony Bluetooth speaker.

  • What are the steps to enable it?

  • cvassemacvassema Level 1
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    Just connect to your headphone and check bluetooth properties.

  • After connection, no HD audio switch in properties.

    Going in developer options, I enabled HD audio but only SBC and AAC are available.

    In oppo enco x specs, ldac is listed.

    I don't know why I cannot enable it.

  • I think OPPO Enco X has no LDAC support.

    Fragment of website Oppo:

    Audio codec:Audio codec LHDC / AAC / SBC

  • I think you are right.

    Sorry for the mistake.

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