Back swipe gesture

WayramaruWayramaru Level 1
edited September 23 in ZenFone 9

Sometimes the back swipe gesture doesn't work until you reboot the phone.



  • eduardomcpeduardomcp Level 1
    edited September 23

    I am not experiencing this issue. But I am on firmware ( 32.2030.2030.26 ) and I find it extremely frustating that if you push down notifications you cannot swipe left or right to dismiss it. This + still having the drop down notification on swipe gesture on the fingerprint sensor makes the situation worse...

    Also, if the keyboard is present a lateral swipe gesture to go back or dismiss will be interpreted as a keyboard swipe to write, and you need to remember to swipe above the keyboard to dismiss or go back, also very frustating.

    But the notification panel is the worse... please, please, make it go away with lateral swipes in a future update

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