Lags with a normal usage

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  1. Zenfone 9 256GB/16GB
  2. WW_32_2030.2030.26
  3. Not rooted
  4. Everyday

Hi, I'm struggling with zenfone 9 lagging during normal usage of the phone (when scrolling in a menu/applications/notification bar, when I try to turn back from the application to the main desktop). It happens for +/- 5-10% of usage time. I tried to change the animation speed but it didn't fix the problem. It is extremely annoying to have a new smartphone with a newset chipset, 16GB of RAM and have to deal with lagging. Is this going to be fixed with a software update?


  • Hello!

    This is nothing I've seen or heard of, did this happen after an update? and in that case I recommend doing a restart of the device :)

  • I've made a restart several times and it may help for a moment, after some time the issue still appers. I think the problem has started after the update.

  • I saw UI lags once when I had 90Hz, no lags after switching to 120Hz

  • I have not experienced this, can you recreate the issue normally? or does it happen randomly?

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