Isn't Asus talking to game companies?

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  1. Model Name:Rog phone 6
  2. Firmware Version:ww165
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It's been a few months, a lot of updates have passed, but whether it's wild rift, MLBB or PUBG, it's still at low settings, I wonder if Asus company can't even say we have such a phone. If it will not be able to set it to the last settings, why did we buy this phone?



  • Got this phone and happily just entered this forum, but seems like everyone is having issue D:, is it me or people get extreme problem after firmware update?

  • There are no serious problems, I like the phone very well, normally there are problems, I just feel sorry that I can't use this powerful beast at the last settings

  • Ohh nice to know, so far any problem that's bugging you from the latest firmware? I'm not sure if i should update or not

  • It wouldn't be bad if the cooling fan was a little colder, also the cpu was slightly unstable after the last update, but this is a feedback place, it's normal to see bad comments, I think max 100 people out of this phone The number of people taking it exceeds 100 people

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    If you count the people here, there will be a maximum of 100 people. But the number of people who bought this phone is more than a hundred.

  • Thanks for the response! Mainly just hoping cooler+rog6 will be able to play games consistently without big drop in frame with new updates

  • yeah no, speak for yourself buddy.

    @DarkShield They are talking to game companies, but due to heating issues that literally destroy phones they refrained for now from making games run on higher fps.

    @JustGo Don't buy the Rog6, its a nightmare, the 6D might be worth it if it doesnt suffer from the same reliability isues as the normal model, time will tell. Wait another month or 2 and see if there are reports from dying cameras, phones or similair.

  • You can't ask such powerful processors to consume less energy, energy turns into heat, because guys know this, they made a cooler, if heat is a must for power, I can bear it.

  • There is a reason why nobody who is interested in gaming performance is buying the Rog5/5s or Rog6. They are all buying the RM7 for a reason. Because of the phones horrendous cooling design it cant handle heat very well at all.

  • My phone works fine with the cooler. He already says that the phones heat up without a cooler, everyone is witness to this. It is normal for such a powerful phone to overheat. but the last update seems to be a little unstable cpu, so the battery is draining a little fast.

  • It's flawed and bad logic, because with that argument all phones have "good cooling". Slap an oversized peltier cooler and it will work fine. If i slap a peltier cooler on the Iphone then it will perform better than the Rog6, does it make the Iphones cooling good? fk no.

    It is not acceptable to force people to use a crappy oversized cooler to compensate for poor cooling design that drains battery, forces someone to sit at an outlet or carry a battery around to be able to play games on the go without the device crapping on itself. I can play any game perfecly fine with no performance loss on devices like the RM7 without needing to carry some bulky oversized cooler or being worried about insane powerdraw.

  • rm7 can never catch up with rog6. If something breaks down in the sutucu, it will add extra weight. If it breaks down, at least we can remove it. rm7 is a nice device but not a rog6.

  • RM7 is the only device with a snapdragon chip that doesnt stutter like hell in genshin. It's the only device that can sustain peak performance. It also is the device with the lowest input lag on any smartphone and is a reliable device.

    The Rog6 performs worse than my Rog3 due to lack of optimziations, extremely outdated drivers, piss poor throttling management and won't last since it, much like the Rog5 and Rog5S, has crappy design that leads to its very probable demise around the 0.8 - 1.5year mark.

    It's not about catching up, the Rog6 is already vastly inferior as a gaming device and sucks as a consumer device due to its countless bugs, reliability issues and lack of consumer features people would like to see in a flagship, it also is a stepdown to the Rog5/5S which already is considered a crappy device to begin with.

    Anyone else who claims anything else is most likely a person who has never had any modern device aside from the Rog6 and is inhaling a ton of copium to somehow cope for the terrible mistake they have done. These people usually get down to earth once the device is dead or has any other fault that is caused by a hardware defect.

    NOTE: I specifically mention the Rog6, not the Rog6D, it seems the Rog6D has some major upgrades in many ways and the ultimate edition should even be more than capable to handle games without the cooler attached (depending if we can open the latch without the cooler attached) while there is a good chance that all the hardware failures might be fixed as well, since the power delivery also is potentially completely different due to ASUS not being able to use the same qualcomm components for power delivery. It's to early to comment on the reliability on the Rog6D yet, but the Rog6D might be the "real" successor to the Rog3 that we have waited for.

  • Is there a site that confirms what you said? I have antutu, enter and look, there is no need for such empty words, a smart person will understand very well, but you will throw mud. The cat called the meat he could not reach impure. :)

  • What do you want confirmed? most of the things are literally here on zentalk. Just tell me what you want to know and I'll show you sources, wheter you decide to cope or not will be up 2 you.

  • You say everything is here, but I don't see any rm7 users here. Zentalk is a bug reporting place. Have you seen something like this anywhere else?

  • There are RM7 users here albeit not many but once again, what do you want to know. You seem less interested in actual facts and more interested about coping.

    If you legit are wondering about performance differences there is no problem showing you. I know it can be hard to find proper sources as many streamers didnt even buy the Rog6 because it cant even stream through the cooler.

  • You're so funny you never watched the evaluation notes. (YouTube) There are so many of them that you just shut your eyes to them and go to your own head? It's really pathetic. Everyone is stupid, only you are smart.

  • Dear @Danishblunt , Please stop correcting people who don't have the mind to accept what you say. They have time ahead of them and time will prove everything. And I am a victim

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