Rog6D is far superior to qualcomm

First tests are out and as suspected, it performs better with signficiantly better battery life.

Genshin 3hours on Qualcomm, while on dimensity it has 6 hours and superior performance to boot. The Rog6D is a massive slap to anyones face who purchased the Rog6 QC version.

The Rog6D passive cooling capabilities far surpass the regular models thanks to the finned heatsink.

We will still have to see about the reliability issues, but so far performance and thermal wise the Rog6D is a massive upgrade.



  • This video, especially the genshin gameplay is a serious kick in the face for any early Rog6 buyer

  • Lets see how much they holds

    Still not close to iphone dim screen trotle monster

    A16 also improved as well

  • Nope, its superior to Iphones both in performance and battery life (gaming). For some reason the dimensity chip is the only chip where stuttering is not frequent in genshin, stuttering is both frequent on apples chip and qualcomm chips.

  • Without lying, if your song - Relates to your plumage, - You are the phoenix of the hosts of these woods.

  • and what is this from 07:49 minute to 08:50 minute ??? This alien phone whit this new chip from other universe have a fps drop even to 30 fps in genshin impact ..... This is impossible for this alien processor .... I will apply screen shots to all fps drops and i advice you to watch very careful the fps and gpu usage that go to 100% usage ... And in this short test he use aero active cooler 6 whit Xmode +

    First i will add short video of my rog phone 6 whit max settings and Xmode on

    For the screenshots that is Rog Phone 6D ultimate

    Also next thing what is this in apex legends ????

    100% gpu usage

    55 fps drop

    There have a drops to 55 fps and GPU usage of 99% and Xmode+ and aeroactive cooler ... i also play this game whit my rog phone 6 i dont have fps drops and never seen my gpu to go above 60-70%

    And in the end the most of the people dont know how to use the phone becouse there have other settings than Xmode that can improve stability in games this also apply for the Rog Phone 6D even for the rog phone 5 before last 4-5 updates thats broke the advanced settings in armory crate ...... And if you know what to do you will never seen 100% gpu usage or brutal fps drops like this

  • @excavation5

    This is because for that particular reviewer the xmode bugged out and didnt trigger the proper power profile. The GPU usage is high because it runs at low clockspeeds because the phone is in low power mode. A known bug that also happens on the Rog6 regular version.

    This is how genshin looks like in 30minute gameplay Rog6D regular not bugged:

    Very stable. Whats more the new redesigned cooling in the Rog6D Ultimate is extremely good. The entire phone is up to 10c - 12c cooler than the Rog6, the Rog6D Ultimate has the lowest temperature while playing genshin on the market.

    Here the Rog6D ultimate by comparison:

    This is absolutely crazy how low the temp is on the battery and the entire phone.

    This performance combined with much less power draw on load, better picture quality of the camera and hopefully none of the terrible reliability issues on the crappy qualcom variant has, makes the Rog6D a much much much better phone overall.

    Another thing I noticed was thanks to some reviewers, the Rog6D has 90fps in CODM while the regular is locked at 60. I think at this point it's pretty much confirmed that ASUS wants to get rid of the Rog6 regular as quickly as possible.

  • Dont believe to everything that you see the first thing that i do when i buy the phone was to download CODM and play it at 90 fps before 40 days

    I also have 12200 games in multiplayer mode and play this game from the begging and if this phone dont support 90fps from the begging i will take it back

    Other thing is that the most people and youtubers really dont know how to test a phones in the beginning when new phone show up they make it the best device ever even for samsung s22 i know videos that show how they play genshin impact at 60 fps but this is for 3 minutes and no one show you after this what happend ... Other thing is even now is hard to find very good tests for rog phone 6 and becouse of this i will wait better tests for my opinion but this doesn't mean i don't believe that rog 6D is better but for me is important to see moore tests also for me biggest question is why asus didnt apply this cooling system on rog phone 6 i am sure in that they can do it for rog 6 but no they put it on 6D ..... I dont think that Snapdragon is bad processor but when is hotter why the cooling is not better ? And this question is for asus becouse even whitout the new cooling system rog 6D is more cold than than rog phone 6 and in this case whit my logic i think rog phone 6 need more this cooling system becouse is hotter phone but as we know everything is money and asus like everyone care more about the money ..... i am not disappointed about my rog phone 6 i buy it in preored and get free aerocooler also i dont have any problems whit the phone but is not good to see how asus care only about the money and when they can do something better they didn't do it ...

  • Agreed, nobody mentioned the delay on the Rog5/Rog6 which is a problem for many competitive players. One of the biggest CODM youtubers:

    He bought Rog5 after his Rog3 and returned the Rog 5 because it was bad. Then he bought Rog6, even made a review on it, and then again returned it in favor for his Rog3 after less than 2 days, because it again sucked bad.

    The reason why you don't find good tests is because of the buggy Rog 6, its very difficult to record a long session when this keeps happening:

    Happens with capture cards, ehternet adapters, even the stupid cooler. As for why not add better cooling, we all ask that very same question. Instead of making proper cooler, they did this instead:

    You don't have problems yet. We already have dead phones and camera issues, the dead phones have been reported on the chinese zentalk, since they are more powerusers, while here the camera issue has been noted:

    CODM is not a very demanding game, here my Rog3:

    Usage is extremely low.

  • @Danishblunt

    actually yes there is delay inside games and few people noticed that, am happy that you mentioned (delay inside games) like call of duty mobile, because after realizing the delay in movements, looting, aiming and overall game experience i uninstalled the game and realized that this device (Rog phone 6) not for gaming...yes NOT FOR PROFESSIONAL GAMERS!!! and for that reason the developer of call of duty mobile increased the (aim assest+accuracy+damage) to owners of rog phone 6 and its noticeable. after all of this issues am playing COD MOBILE on my ipad mini 6, its very hard to go back to rog 6 after using ipad mini 6 (which is way responsibe, and there is no delay in movements!!! )

  • I made a video comparing the Rog to the RM.

    at 18:10 I showcase the difference. So I assume you're a high level CODM player since you did notice.

  • Mazen JunaidiMazen Junaidi Level 2
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    Republic of gamers devices not for games and not for gamers

    well done ASUS

  • Wait a minute, are you sure about that? have you a source on that? because of thats true I'll spoof my device to a Rog6 🤣

  • Mazen JunaidiMazen Junaidi Level 2
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    @Danishblunt actully no proof after your video you made about rog 5, 6 failure really thank you for your efforts, you are the only one who is saying the truth on the web, i dont know how you get all this knowledge about led screens side effect (delay), input lag, sound, heat, everything but really you video appreciated, i realized all you said and i see them by eyes, and because i have all platforms infront of me i can undesrsatnd everything you said, but the people who deny what you said actually they dont try any other platforms except android!!! i was very very fanatic to android and i mocked all my friends who buy apple prodects untell i fall in love with CALL OF DUTY MOBILE), after i become a gamer i understand why the majority of pro players choosing iphones and ipads ....anyway thanks again for you video and your least now i won't search for solutions for solving this unsolved hardware issues in rog 6


  • @Danishblunt

    if you wanna spoof your device to rog 6 because of what i said about (the developer of call of duty mobile increased the aim assest+accuracy+damage to owners of rog phone 6) !! yes actually i have to amit it even all bad things in rog phone 6 but i have to confiss that aim, accuracy, damage in rog 6 if fuc**n amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and because of that am switching to rog 6 every week to check if something fixed with (input lag issue) do you think iam stupid to go back from ipad mini 6 (which is better than iphone 14 pro max in some benchmarks test dut to heat dissipation) unless i found something worth in rog 6 ;)...

    but (ethernet) issue and (input lag) you mentioned is a deal breaker..

  • Red magic is the best gaming phone if all you care is gaming performance. Top 1 china in pubg mobile is using red magic 5S.

  • android isn't mature enough to match apple products especially in gaming. ipad mini 6 forget the others

  • Not true, its the other way around. Android is far better suited for gaming because you can customize it for gaming needs.

    This is how it looks like when you optimize a phone for gaming. Android isnt the problem, the problem is manufacturer not optimizing for gaming or build stupid phones like the Rog5 and Rog6 with efficiency oriented screens and not "gaming" screens.

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    you shocked me after this video 😱 , really rog 3 is a beast. you are playing at highest graphics possible and the frames is stable at 60 fps, and response is amazing!!! beleive me your rog 3 can run call of duty mobile better than my rog 6 even if i set the graphics to (low)... shame on you ASUS !!!

    my drem device is :

    -SAMSUNG S22 ultra body design

    - Google Pixel UI software

    - Iphone A16 bionic chip

    - Iphone camera software

    - Red magic 7s cooling system

    - Rog 6 front speakers, 3.5mm, side mounted usb c

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    @Mazen Junaidi

    Rog 6 speakers are worse than Rog3 and Rog5, speakers of Black Shark 5 is the best on any smartphone.

    Iphone has bad "camera", best camera you can get is on Huawei P50, infact Iphone has worse camera than even budget phones. Look at marques brownlees blind tests, Iphone lost 4/5 times round 1 and won in 2021 first time ever round 1 against a budget motorola. With my modded gcam I shoot better pictures than most smartphones on the Rog3.

    Here some examples:

    Bionic chip isnt that great, the new Qualcomm gen2 will probably be better.

    Pixel UI is something you can have on all phones, it's just stock android + pixel launcher and tiny customizations here and there.

  • Overall androids flexibility is the thing that makes android far superior to IOS. Sure IOS is better optimized, no question about it, however android allows you to do whatever you want. To bad most manufacturers dont care to change anything and instead just bloat the OS even more rather than optimize for performance or gamig.

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