Plz fix auto set to 60hz

zxops47zxops47 Level 2
edited September 19 in ROG Phone 3

Apex n newer game you need to get display at least 120hz or 144hz to get faster gyro response sometime touch respond becomes slow on 60hz so this becomes more important. Why capture card to reduce load. Have anyone test on ezcap 334 ,320, 326 all three have 1080p 240fps hdmi 2.0 usb hub and cables ? I got no money to test out risk its the cheapest 240 fps card most of them 1080p NV12/120 but hdmi 1.4 only 8bit Why capture card because reduces cpu load also adding 5v 9v increase device weight which make gyro stopping power bad example people buy light weight mouse to improve stopping power


  • casual people don't have brain but they got mouth. mouth to mouth review people will say buy iphone not rog + now you can get capture card low price Plz fix Rog phone

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