Reminder Notification using ROG Vision


Does anybody know if its possible to use the displays on the back of the phone as reminder Notification lights for missed SMS messages / calls / WhatsApp etc?

I know they ROG Vision animates when messages are first received, but then stops.

My ROG Phone 2 had the logo light on the back which could be used for notification reminders (different colours for different types of message etc.).

Even if it's possible by flashing the "Dare to Play' light, that would be OK.



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    It is possible to set notification lights for texts and incoming calls.

    To do so, you need to go to System Lighting>Rog Logo>Notification

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comment.

    When I have been in that settings area before, I already made sure that this notification setting was 'on', but doesn't make any difference in terms of continuous reminders for notifications (what I do get is a one off notification in the ROG Vision screen for a few seconds).

    Also, do you know why in that settings screen all the items state "static"? There doesn't seem to be any option to change those to something else (I guess like "dynamic" or similar).

    Screenshoot of my settings screen attached.


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