Spotify audio boosts when opening games

I'm having an issue with my audio when playing music through headphones and using my Zenfone 8. Whenever I launch or switch apps to a game, the music I'm playing will suddenly increase in volume. The volume will go back to normal if I close the game or switch to a non-game app. Why is this happening? I found two discussion posts about this issue and neither resolved the OP's issues or mine.



  • Hi @2094210

    Thank you for reaching out!

    1. Can you let me know what brand of headphones you're using (are they wired or bluetooth)? Have you tested it with another brand of headphones?
    2. Make sure that your ZF8 is on the latest firmware and try rebooting.

  • Hi! I'm using the Linsoul CCA CRA wired earbuds with no in-line mic, I have not tried other pairs of headphones, somehow that didn't cross my mind, I'll reply to this later today and see if other headphones fix the issue. My ZF8 on the latest firmware. The problem persists through reboots.


  • Can confirm this, using CCA CA10, happens both with the bluetooth cable I use and the original cable with an in-line mic. Also doesn't seem to be connected to Game Mode as I expected in the beginning. I did however make a thread before asking about the possibility to enabling the DACs High Performance Mode, which I could see happening when opening games, hence increasing the volume due to the increased power provided

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