The final chance and the grand finale

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I made the first post for the grand finale of the rog series lineup

This is the final chance for Asus to correct their phone, otherwise, the competition will eat them whole, it's all or nothing now

This rog 6D will have to compete with Sony, Nubia, Lenovo and Black Shark, so it better be as good and as perfect as the rog 3 was and still is to this very day


  • There are good reasons to believe that the reliability concerns on the 6D might be finally adressed. What I'm interested in is knowing wheter its as buggy as the QC version and if the downgrades have been rectified or not.

    The performance of the dimensity is going to be far more stable than the QC version so the passive gaming experience should be far better as well.

    What also will be getting interesting is the battery life when idle. QC is known to soak the life out of the phones.

    Overall I'm excited to see the phone in action. Maybe it's finally the one.

  • I can't wait for it just for the fact that Dimensity 9000+ support Dual Active simcard (and plus my Rog Phone 3 wifi is getting issue)

  • What excites me is the superior performance in games, more sturdy cooling design, much more powerful ISP for image processing. I also hope idle battery drain will improve a ton

  • I don't believe in miracles anymore, I've never seen such an avalanche of bugs with each update of Rog5, 6, ZF8, ZF9, for a fixed bug it's ten new ones, most of them worked before, no regression test nor quality. it's as if R&D is external/decentralized and not supervised properly. We ask for the correction of a Bug, we receive, we check the correction and basta we publish. Exactly like at the beginning of android with first price Chinese brands

  • I still have faith based on 1 thing, and 1 thing alone, and that is the Rog3. Despite the release of the Rog5 and Rog6, the Rog3 has had by far the best threatment, even after the release of the Rog5, the A12 update for the Rog3 was clean and almost completely bug free (voLTE bug as the only major bug which was fixed rather quickly). It's completely bug free as of today, maybe aside from very minor edge case bugs that don't mean anything such as brightness slider doesnt update itself when ingame. The Rog3 is also the only phone ASUS has released that isnt dying on its own on mass, 2.5years since release and look at the Rog3 forums. People with user caused bugs and rare cases of actual defect and most just wishing for ASUS not to abandon the Rog3 and support software via security udpates some more.

    What really gave me hope is the cooling design of the Rog6D ultimate, it's very similair to the Rog3. The cooling will add much needed durability so it cant bend as easily and adds some major cooling capabilities, both actively and passively. The qualcom power IC is also completely gone as they have changed to Dimensity, which most likely means redesigned power delivery with components supporting dimensity, not only that but because of the switch to dimensity they also have to use other components for handling audio and such. If it outputs anything like the Vivo X80 then we are in very good hands.

  • Camera still has 0 zoom at all and a useless macro camera, that will always put this phone behind all others, if only the macro was a 3x or 5x zoom this phone would have been so much better for so many more people!

  • Have to disagree, I found the macro camera to be extremely useful in many cases, but I do component level repair so I am very niche.

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