Adaptive brightness

I've got the Zenfone 9 8GB ram 256 GB 32.2030.2030.26. The adaptive brightness doesn't work seemly at all. For example I'll go into a pitch black room and the darkness on the phone screen will not fall below %35-40 which is super bright. I will then go into the settings and shut off auto brightness and turn it back on and the phone will realize it's in a dark room and automatically dim the screen itself to say %8 which is appropriate. I will then travel into a bright room and now the brightness remains at %8 and now I can't see the screen at all. Even after staying in the bright room for a couple minutes the screen brightness does not adjust itself automatically. I will again manually shut off adaptive brightness and turn it back on and the screen will then instantly automatically go back up to for example about 40%, which is appropriate, so it seems like it knows what brightness is appropriate and the function works but it doesn't trigger it's self to change brightness automatically and only after I turn off and on the adaptive brightness it changes the brightness level.



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