Bring back the flip

I never thought I would go to Apple but I have done it, bought, paid for, awaiting early delivery.

It's not just the fact that Asus dumped the flip phone, I was actually going to purchase a zenfone 9 but only because of the promise of the backpack clip but for God's sake where do you get one??? In fact has anyone seen one ?? I don't mean anyone from Asus or any affiliated companies , anyone at all ??? Unbelievable Danishblunt you are spot on marketing is not a strong point of Asus is it ?

I think they should consider you for their salesman for innovation,entrepreneurship and development.

I will keep this Z 7 as a spare but it's with a heavy heart that I do this


  • ktwktw Level 2

    Well, unfortunate for you that ASUS typically has a longer delay for markets outside of Taiwan/Asia. They have not been able to invest and expand as much in its phone department as it has for its desktop/laptop/motherboard departments :v

    This time the backpack clip seems to be delayed in Taiwan as well (?). Previously, customer service had replied that it is planned to be on the shelf in mid-September, and things probably didn't go as planned. On the other hand, the Connex accessory is now available, but I don't think you care about it at all 🙃

    Either way, Zenfone 7 Pro is a fun and great phone overall (I love mine 🙂), so I think it's worth keeping as a spare phone.

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