best setting for oled display

should i use the flicker-free dimming or not?

everyday i use the laptop at less 40% brightness from windows seeting, so should i am use the flicker-free dimming? then what the best setting for extend the oled


  • 3dmikee3dmikee Level 2
    edited September 14

    is there any fatigue at brightness below 60%? if so, set the brightness to 60%-100% in the windows settings, then set the comfort brighntess level in the flicker-free dimming settings

  • I used the laptop at 50% brightness and flicker-free dimming 80% - 90%

    And suffered from PWM!

    Right now I'm using 40% yaroxy and flicker-free dimming 100%

    And so far there are no problems with PWM.

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