Zenfone 9 GPS inacurrate

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Zenfone 9
  2. Firmware Version: Android 12, WW_32.2030.2030.26
  3. Rooted or not: NO
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): HealthMate (5.11.0), Strava (271.9)

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.



when using my phone as a gps tracker i notice that the gps is often behaving very inaccurate for instance in the picture below is was driving the bycicle on the right side off the road and removed my sweater at the red X before continuing my path. The gps said i crossed the road went way offroad and then came back. I also noticed the same behavior when walking around. It tells me im zigzagging accross the street etc. I made sure precise location is on, the apps can run in the background etc but to no avail. I am thinking this is a hardware issue. Or are any other people experiencing the same result?

When i was on a trip in Barcelona i was testing it extensively, i am just walking on one side of the street instead it shows this zig zag nonsense

Different walk same result.

Same result in strava, i cannot recall me running through houses and zig zagging...



  • Same here. I use an activity tracker with connected GPS, and when compared to my Pixel 6 it's a lot less accurate - with the zigzags, spikes etc that you mention. In addition to this, I usually run the same route and when using my Pixel 6 it's 10km, while on the ZenFone 9 it's around 11-12km.

  • I cannot comment on activity trackers(I should be using them :/) but gps has been fine with Google maps, maps.me and here we go maps. I will try it with daily roads voyager(dash cam recorder) because I wonder if besides getting GPS location, doing something intense concurrently might affect it?

    Not sure.

  • Since Android have an option for inaccurate locations for some apps, is there option you toggle it by mistake?

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    The reception of the GPS signal actually seems quite poor and/or sensitive to reflections.

    2 points to consider.

    Google very wrongly names high precision because it is the opposite in many situations. This function makes it possible to acquire the FIX immediately by sending the position of the operator's antennas and to keep a position when the GPS signal does not pass (tunnel, cellar, forest), the precision depends on the number of antennas , high in cities, non-existent in rural areas. Typically 100m to 1km.

    For a really precise location and see the quality of GPS reception, as soon as you have the initial position, deactivate the high precision function, you will really have the good or bad performance of the GPS function of the smartphone.

    Another important point, do not compare the accuracy of the GPS with hiking, jogging, cycling software, anything that can be off-road with vehicle/journey guidance software (google map, waze, etc.) because in case of loss or deviation of position, those are designed to follow the indicated route, so if the GPS signal places you on the opposite lane or in the underside, the guidance software will correct to stay on the route

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    "The reception of the GPS signal actually seems quite poor and/or sensitive to reflections." => does this mean, my device or zenfone 9 in general? I wonder if it is hardware related or software related, otherwise i will RMA since the results are really bad.

    By the way this park is situated on the outskirts of Antwerp Belgium, so it should have many antennas.

    I will try again later this week with high precision off, right now i have:

    • "location acces for this app" on always
    • "Use precise location" toggled on

    these are my results from my run today, very inacurate... like this its useless as a fitness tracker. I took two times exactly the same route in the park...

    if i compare it to previous runs on my pixel 5

  • CrimisCrimis Level 2
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    I'm getting the same results, I wonder if this can be fixed with software.

    When I check with GPSTest the Zenfone 9's location is constantly jumping around with a couple of meters, the Pixel 5 is just dead steady.

  • Park = many Antennas !!!! No, it is exactly the opposite, at best if it is very crowded the minimum number of antenes so as not to have a white zone. The same for Airports and everywhere where there are few dwellings (Activity Zone).

    On this park it is the case, there are never 3 4G antennas for a triangulated location, so only the GPS is really usable (no need to activate 5G they are even further away, consumes battery unnecessarily )

    In short, as the foliage is one of the worst enemies of the GPS, it seems that the sensitivity of the GPS is really bad on this device.

    The number of satellites is also important, it depends on the day and the time, GPS Test can give you information (3D Fix, precision, number and intensity) and compare with another phone at the same time/place

    By leaving GPS Test in the background and the running software in the foreground you should get better accuracy, if not, go trash the smartphone


    Here is the precise positioning map of the antennas


    And this one the 3G/4G coverage, very bad in this park with Telenet, good with the other 2


  • Forgot, to do

    in Location, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth search

    In Developer options, Enable "Force full GNSS measurements"

  • Hello everyone!

    I am forwarding this issue to the R&D Team :)

  • Thanks for the detailed post, i enabled the force full GNSS now.

    I had installed the GPS test app before and compared it with my pixel 5. Like the user Crimis stated as well the pixel 5 stays dead steady however the Zenfone 9 moves allot. Tomorrow i go for another run i will post my results with GNSS = ON, bluetooth scannen = Off, Wifi scanning = Off.

  • Thanks, they can always reach out to me if they need extra information

  • Went for a run again yesterday and this are the results.

    I had

     "Force full GNSS = On"

    "Wifi scanning = Off"

    "Bluetooth scanning = Off"

    "GPS Test = Running in the backround"

    I did two times exactly the same route, the third time i went through the middle. But results stay very very bad despite the changed settings.

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    Hello ASUS support. Is there any news regarding the GPS issue? The lack of feedback other than "We have forwarded the issue to our developers" is not very reassuring. Trouble with the camera? That I could forgive and given the performance possible with a gcam, we know the phone is actually quite capable and the issues come down to the software side of things. Also I understand that it might not be as easy to change the processed look, because some customers might have actually bought into that specifically - prefering the overprocessed & oversharpened image style to a more accurate and natural rendition.

    But GPS issues? That is a totally different can of worms. I would say having the GPS working properly is the most basic requirement in a smartphone. You are only lucky that the tech reviewers no longer do proper reviews nowadays and skip over general things such as phone call quality and GPS. Because if this is SOME BIG general issue and if it comes down to the hardware and not some fixable software issue, then this phone is basically DOA for many. Given screenshots above, I would not consider the GPS inaccurate - I would consider it broken and would return the phone in a heartbeat.

    I think you should consider actively giving some feedback to the BIG issues reported on this forum (such as this one with the GPS reception) and providing at least some general timelines to when they might get fixed. I would personally think that Android 13 is not as interesting as a properly working A12 build.

  • Hi mickey10021,

    Thanks for the link. I totally forgot about notebookcheck.net. They are one of the few places, where they still do really in-depth reviews. So hopefully what is reported here on the forums are just experiences with some defective units!

  • This reviewer uses a bike ride, the GPS issue is only visible in slower recordings. To notice the GPS position jumping around by a couple of meters you need to stay more or less in the same area for a couple of seconds.

  • Quick Method to Fix The Asus GPS Problem

    Method #01: Reboot

    Method #2: Remove any obstacle

    Method #3: Check Power Saving Mode

    Method #4: Turn on ‘High Accuracy’ Mode

    Method #5: Update Google Maps

    Method #6: Update the Android OS

    Method #7: Refresh GPS and AGPS

    Method #8: Use GPS Essentials

    Method #9: Reset the Phone

    Method #10: Get yourself an external GPS receiver

    Method #11: Consult a technician


    Rachel Gomez

  • @Rachelgomez123 Still violating a copyright with a copy paste rather than giving the source, which anyway is generic, does not correspond to the situation or to the software and no more to the device.

    You are tiring and polluting

  • I would also like some feedback whether i should RMA my device or wait for an update. I want to give my old pixel 5 to my brother. But right now i keep it since im unsure if i need to start the RMA. So feedback would be appreciated!

  • You are new to the Zenfone experience :-) Take a look around the forums of the different Zenfone's and ROG phone's. There are many issue's which remain unfixed for months / for ever. There also seems to be no good connection between the mods/community on this forum and the Asus development department. There is a lot of top voted feedback on this subforum (https://zentalk.asus.com/en/categories/ideas?sort=top) for years now which is completely ignored for the most part, instead we get some weird confusing volume control in the last update which nobody asked for.

    When you need a polished experience buy an iPhone/Pixel. Unfortunately I had to return mine too because of all software issue's (https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/63151/unfortunately-i-am-returning-this-great-phone-because-of-software-and-support)

    So in short:

    1. Don't expect this to be fixed.
    2. If it will be fixed, it will not be anytime soon.

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