Zenfone 8 died. ASUS service is unpleasant

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I bought an asus Zenfone 8 phone in Russia in August 2021 and immediately moved to Germany to live and work. In November, the phone stopped turning on, I began to look for information and found out that this is a known defect of all phones of this model (ramdump issue). I wrote an e-mail to the German branch of Asus, but they refused to help me. I planned to come to Russia in the spring of 2022 to solve the problem with the phone, but in February a war began, which continues to this day. I again wrote a question to the German service, again received a refusal and an offer to contact the phone seller. However, at the moment, I cannot send a mobile phone to Russia due to sanctions, and I myself cannot travel to a country that is at war. I think that Asus knew that the phones had a serious defect, but continued to sell them, this is a scam. And now the company refuses to solve the problem, offers me to go to a country that is conducting hostilities. This is a disgrace to Asus.

Now, I lost the phone, I lost money, I lost respect for Asus and I will dissuade everyone from using their product, because in case of any problems you are under the rist lefting without support.


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    Hi @akstan

    I truly apologize for the frustrating situation you're going through with your Zenfone 8. I understand how upsetting this can be, so I will look into possible ways to figure this out. However, I cannot promise anything since this is out of our control as moderators of the forum. Can you please DM with the following information:

    1. ZF8 SN
    2. What city & country are you currently residing in?
    3. What city did you purchase your ZF8 in?

    Thank you!

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