AeroActive Cooler 6

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Soğutucuyu takınca eğer arka ışıklandırma açık değil ise gücü gidip geliyormuş gibi oluyor ama ışıklandırmayı açınca stabil normal hızla dönüyor kapatınca sanki bi hızlanıyor bir yavaşlıyor bu sadece bende mi böyle yoksa bir sorun mu


  • You must be the only one in the world (excluding Asus staff) to own an AeroCooler 6 for Rog 5, I'd be surprised if someone is able to answer you🙄

  • Hello!

    I would appreciate it if you kept the conversation to English so more people can join in the conversation :)

    AeroActive Cooler 6 for ROG Phone 5 has not been released yet and will be a device different from AAC6 for ROG6, since the design of the AAC6 for ROG6 might press too much on the power button.

  • i have rog phone 6 and normally AeroActive Cooler 6 is installed, i didn't use the word rog phone 5 anywhere

  • he above thing i have no idea how rog 5 is set up i'm new here sorry for the confusion.

  • I understand but you are in the Rog 5 conversation and you do not specify either that you have a Rog 6, moreover there will be an AeroCooler! 6 in some time! for Rog 5.

    Redo a subject 'in English' in the Rog6 conversation, specifying the model and the firmware, you will have a better chance of being read and of having an answer

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