most recent Xonar SE updates... WOW!!

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Running a D2X on my Lenovo C30...

Also have a Lenovo M82 in the kitchen (yeah, yeah, I know);

Due to low profile, ended up installing XonarSE about a year ago 😏...

was a bit disappointed... until...

out of curiosity, installed the latest Xonar Audio Center...

WOW! WOW! Holy smokes!!!

not sure what you guys did... but... holy mackerel!! sound dramatically better!!

Thanks! Kudos!!

FWIW, Lenovo C30 setup:

Win10Pro 64, TOSLINK, Oehlbach D1C6064 DAC, Kenwood Basic C1/M1, Tannoy P6 near-fields

(...yeah, yeah, that 70's transistor sound)

Kitchen: 10Pro64, Lenovo M82, Optical Oehlbach D1C6064, Cambridge Audio A1, Tannoy P6

...popped on Seeger "Smokin' Ops"... yeah! baby!!

(suddenly, doin' the dishes got a lot more fun😉

Thanks folks!! 👍️👍️👌

p.s. an added feature to Xonar Audio Center: EQ (and "compressor"?) would be cool.

regardless, very happy camper here

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