A12 latest update ?? Help!!

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  1. Model Name:rog phone 3
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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I've not yet updated my phone from A11 to A12 ... Just because the forum was flooded with the report of new hell of a lot bugs .... Does this #new update pushed on 30th did make any difference?

We were promised with an stable update in early half of the year now its August still the forum is filled with new things everyday ... Better i would wait few more months rather than transfer my data to and from facing hell of a lot bugs

Those wifi issues , screen going off during the call, low volume,right air trigger, battery drainage (as usual), black crush (most infamous), the goes on and onn....


  • I literally have no clue what you're talking aboit. Rog3 firmware is completely bug free.

    All the issues you saw are user produced.

  • Ohhh right ..... The forum filled up with comments mentioning these problems according to you are produced by themselves???

    They are free all the day like you to mess up with their phone then commenting here asking devs for help ???

  • There are almost no complaints in this forum. Stop lying bro.

  • I agree with @Danishblunt on this. Android 12 is pretty much bug free. There are a few things that can be fixed but none of them actually affect the performance.

    The things that I think can be fixed -

    1. Game genie's real time info - Whenever I'm gaming and I switch to some other app and then switch back to the game, the real time info bar moves to some random location instead of staying where I placed it.

    Workaround - Toggling the real time info button off and on again brings the bar back to its position.

    2. Recent apps - The recent apps on my phone are getting cleared quite aggressively, mostly when I keep my phone away for a few hours. I went through all the different settings to find out why but did not find anything until I searched for the word "clean" in the settings. This is what showed up -

    "Screen off auto clean". I clicked on it to turn it off but it doesn't exist. There's no toggle for it. This option only appears in search but not in the battery settings, so I'm unable to turn it off.

    3. Signal reception - It used to be great on Android 10 and 11 but on A12 it isn't as great. It still is decent but has room for improvement.

    4. UI - I really like the new UI design that comes with A12 but for some reason A12 on Rog 3 does not have wallpaper based dynamic theming. That's the biggest highlight of A12 and Rog 3 does not have it. Disappointing! Also, the UI lags occasionally, especially the quick settings panel.

    5. Mobile Manager - For some reason, RAM usage indicated by Armoury Crate is different than Mobile Manager. It wasn't the case on A10 or 11.

    "Those wifi issues , screen going off during the call, low volume,right air trigger, battery drainage (as usual), black crush (most infamous), the goes on and onn...."

    Except for black crush/colour banding, I haven't come across any of the issues you mentioned.

    @Mattias_ASUS can you please report the above issues to the devs? These are not high priority but would be great if they get fixed eventually!

  • @Biggbox13 You forgot the UI glitch where you slide the brightness bar but it doesnt update the bar itself so it doesnt "slide". Happens when you adjust brightness while ingame.

    But we are nitpicking at this point. I mean, I look at Rog5 and 6 and am happy i dodged the bullets.

  • That's true! I'm happy with the A12 update on Rog 3!

  • Hi guys, I read all the above comments but I am noticing one issue and I created a discussion as well about xmode and background sync. Though my settings are on for force restricting background sync , I see still application running in the background. With back button I see only the game application (ex Bgmi ) is running but somewhere in background there are other apps running and syncing the date like Google Play Store is an another example. Due to which low fps and low ping during game play. This problem also happens in advance mode

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