system colour scheme reverts to dark on phone restart

I have set the system colour scheme to light however, when the phone restarts after battery drain say, it reverts to dark.

Is there a reason for this?


  • Hey @John_H!

    It may have been triggered by a scheduled auto switch.

    Can you check if you have disabled the auto switch under the system color scheme settings?

  • John_HJohn_H Level 1
    edited September 6

    Many thanks for responding Mansi_ASUS.

    The Auto Switch is off.

    Shouldn't that mean the system stays on 'Light' settings i.e. the option I chose?

    BTW on further investigation, restarting the phone seems OK, i.e. the setting is saved, this happens when the phone switches off due to full discharge.

  • Just had a major update to Android 12 but just the same after phone has discharged.

    Is no one else really not seeing this?

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