Fix photo oversharpening and overprocessing with GCam.

Dear Asus mods,

could you please forward following video to your colleagues in Camera/Development department?

[insert youtube site, because I cannot post links]/watch?v=nupkELMJck4

It should be mandatory for them to watch every morning in work, because the guy says it all. Maybe they can inspire themselves a bit then with the GCam performance ;)

Also, maybe this video will be a opinion changer for someone to go for a Zenfone 9 buy, as it was for me. The photo quality of ASUS camera app didn't convice me originally.

Thank you and have a nice day.


  • CrimisCrimis Level 2
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    Can one of the mods maybe share some information about a possible camera update? Is it expected there will be a big update for image processing anytime soon? Or is Asus happy with the image quality as it currently is?

    The Nothing Phone with the same sensor has received a couple of software updates already, greatly improving photo and video quality since launch.

  • I agree, the oversharpening needs to be addressed

  • LiuCAsLiuCAs Level 1
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    Second that, the photos quality is a fuc**** disaster.

  • Sadly there arent good gcam ports out yet, they are ok, but not great. Also not having corrected ultrawide pictures also kinda suck.

  • Agreed, it's more of a workaround, where you use gcam for a main shooter if you want nice photos and for videos if you want to avoid focusing problem. And stock cam application for the rest (with brutal sharpening).

    Good thing is, that with GCam it is obvious, that all these issues are SW related and can be easily fixed.

    Bad thing is that you have to use half legal GCam mod instead of ASUS facing the problem. Or at least I haven't seen any ASUS representative comment on the picture processing quality yet.

  • Can anyone post A/B photos between gcam and nativa camera app?

  • Scratch what I asked. The YouTube link provides it.

  • scopuloscopulo Level 1
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    Some of the on XDA forum:

    Some on the youtube:

    And some directly here in the photo thread:

    I just cannot post external links here as a newbie :)

  • Some comparisons are also directly here in the photo thread BTW:

    Zenfone 9 Photo thread!

    And some on XDA:

    I just have some issues to post external links as a newbie...

  • ACH_ACH_ Level 1

    Even with the latest firmware, I'm experiencing this massive oversharpening/denoising ruining some pictures. Zenfone 8 was better in this respect

  • Made a group photo a couple of weeks ago. You can see that we have a good sensor in the phone but the over sharpening makes the photo not that pleasant for the eye if you're looking at the details.

    I really wish the team could solve this and use GCAM as a great example

  • ACH_ACH_ Level 1
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    It would be good to hear if there are plans to change the processing of images from the camera? I can get great shots if I edit from RAW but that's not what I use my phone for generally. If nothing I might actually go back to my 8 and return the 9...

    There's another good review explaining the issues in text form at digital camera world, though the youtube reviewer does a great job too

  • Could you please post link, or 'something like link' for the review?

    I am thinking about returning as well. I still haven't found any ASUS mod/representative comment on the oversharpening and possible fix.

    Maybe I'll wait if Pixel 7 mini rumour is confirmed, or if flat-display small Xiaomi 13 is confirmed... If my old cracked P20 would be willing to stay with me that long :)

  • ACH_ACH_ Level 1

    This laid out the problems well:

  • Any update on this? The camera is unuseable in this state. All taken pictures are out of focus and grainy

  • I do find it a little shocking that ASUS hasnt done anything yet, this is a major nuisance for the majority of people who purchased the phone based on its marketing.

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