Asus Rog 6 - Headphones

Hello, do you maybe know, if i connect headphones Asus Theta 7.1 to Rog 6 they will be loud and will use 7.1 ?


  • Hey @Fr1sK!

    By connecting the Asus Theta 7.1 to the ROG 6, the volume should be loud enough since it's driven by USB-C and gets power from the phone.

    As for the 7.1, we conducted a test and it seems to be working fine but it's not super loud.

  • Isnt this a bug tho?

    Its only a 32ohm headset, it should be plenty loud.

    Does the DAC not recognize it as a higher impedance headset? I run on the Rog3 with 80ohm DT-770 Pros just fine and plenty loud.

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    I can reply to this as I was the one testing them.

    They are loud, but not like... being in a club loud.

    They do sound really good tho.

    To be fair, when I tested them @Mansi_ASUS could hear what I was listening to, pretty well too, maybe it's just be getting old and losing my hearing.

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