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I've installed the android12 beta program on my phone but regret the decision. The version in the beta program was lower than where I come from. Upgrading does not seem to work (already on latest version).

I'd like to revert to any android12 version which will in turn allow me to upgrade to the latest.

Are there any archives available with a flashall script?

Thank you in advance


  • So I did follow the instructions to revert back to android 11 as mentioned on the android 12 beta program, but updates are not available and I'm stuck on the version.

    Would really like to have an upgrade path forward.

  • frakskenfraksken Level 1
    edited September 2

    I found the zip I required form the Android 13 beta program. Flashing it now.

    -- Edit

    I now have the version WW-31.1010.0410.61 installed, and again the system update tells me I'm on the latest version.

    At least I'm closer to a recent version, but still not where I need to be.

    Trying manual update

  • The first manual update (to WW-31.1010.0410.72) seems to work. I'll keep working upward until it starts updating automatically.

  • Update was successful. I think the problem got solved. Downloading the next manual updates

  • I've managed to upgrade all the way. Problem solved.

  • Heey!! Way to go!!

    I just saw the post and was about to mention the manual update since it has to be done firmware after firmware but... It looks like you managed without my help!

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