Rog 3 recording issue with Asus tuf cu4k30 capture card


When I connect my Rog 3 to my laptop using the Asus tuf cu4k30, i get a message on the phone screen that refresh rate is restricted to 60 hz

Based on some research and asking around, it seems this is because the Rog 3 is limited to RGB colorspace

If it can run in YUV colorspace, we would be able to get higher refresh rates while recording

Request moderators to please check with dev team to check for a solution to enable this

@Mattias_ASUS please help with this


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  • I think you may want to change the acquisition card.

    I have an Elgato 4K60 Pro MK2 and i can stream 1080p 120fps with the Rog 3 with no problem

  • Can you do a recording using your elgato card, while keeping the realtime info from armoury crate on, to show that this works ?

    Maybe upload a video to your youtube account and post a link to check it

  • HexHyteHexHyte Level 1
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    Sure, I will do it later.

    After my reply i played a bit more while streaming and unfortunately i've noticed lot of frame drop when the phone is transmitting through TypeC.

    Video image on the phone stutters way more than anticipated, i already saw this issue before, it did happen with my old Rog Phone 2 when a game kept constantly switching between 60 and 120hz mode for some reason but with the Rog Phone 3 it seems like this happens even when 120hz mode is correctly being used. I would start from here to eventually bugfix the issue. @Mattias_ASUS

    Anyway, Elgato and the phone itself correctly set the transmission mode to 120hz 1080p.

    I would also suggest to check if the transmission mode is set to 1080p 120hz and not 2K 120hz.

  • You should open a separate topic for this issue

    I have bought the Asus Tuf cu4k30 so that i can avoid any issues due to using a third party capture card

    I hope the moderators can help resolve the issue

    My issue primarily is due to the phone restricting itself to 60hz, and that is most likely being caused because it uses RGB colorspace as default instead of YUV colorspace that allows higher refresh rate capture

    @Mattias_ASUS please check with Deva if they can help change the default colorspace used by Rog 3 for screen capture, or check for any other solutions for the 60 Hz issue

  • I'd like a video of that, sounds interesting.

    also it cant pass through 2k res, the phone mirrors itself with its own resolution, there is no such thing as "2k transmission" if the phone itself cannot reach that resolution.

  • Oh look who we have here!

    About the "2K transmission mode": i am referring to the internal EDID parameter, Elgato 4k Capture Utility has this option called EDID (internal) that allows you to change the emulated (i guess so right?) EDID of the capture card.

    If i set this parameter to 1440p (120hz) the screen display will be accommodated inside a 1440p canvas which of course produces a better quality image compared to the 1080p (120hz) parameter. However, setting the EDID to 1440p will cause some overflow (i guess) because the transmission will start audio/video stuttering or wont start at all.

    This is why i recommended @ehunt22 to check if the transmission is set to run at 1080p 120hz. Maybe you have a better way to call it

  • With the Asus tuf cu4k30 I can't change the screen recording options. I have tried it with OBS and it is set to the default that the phone outputs which is limited to 60 Hz on the phone as its shows in the pop up message on the phones screen

  • All the "internal EDID" does is tell the phone what mode the capture card supports, that's all. This is mostly useful for setups that have no output conencted to them and has literally 0 effect on the phone as they still simply mirror the screen and don't care in the slightest what modes your capture card supports.

    Everything else you wrote is pure made up nonsense. Guess nothing changes with you.


  • Also still awaiting your video.

  • HexHyteHexHyte Level 1
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    I think i've been clear enough, if you cannot understand simple sentences it is not a problem of mine.

    What i find kinda funny is that you basically didn't realize that you explained what happen when trying to debunking me: "All the "internal EDID" does is tell the phone what mode the capture card supports, that's all. This is mostly useful for setups that have no output conencted to them"

    Exactly, the phone won't enable 120hz if the capture card/monitor connected to don't support it. So yeah changing the EDID to a one compatible with 1080p 120hz guess what, will enable 1080p 120hz transmission. Magic!

    Good luck

  • I think you will wait for a long time, or you can just go on my youtube channel with a lot of video recorded from Rog Phone device running at 120hz

  • HexHyteHexHyte Level 1
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    On my case the popup message says that the refresh rate is set to 120hz. I think it really depends on the capture card (and the TypeC-HDMI cable i guess, make sure to have a good cable), the phone won't enable 120hz transmission if it doesn't detect a supported environment.

  • Weird, you just told us that when you record at 120hz it lags, but your yt vids are lag free.

    then I watched your latest vod on youtube, it didnt seem fluid as it should be and had serious bitrate inconsistencies. Later in your vod you showed that you were running at 120hz however you were casting your phone which exlpains everything, the fluctuating and low FPS of the original recording and the inconsistent bitrate due to streaming via cast, you didnt use a capture card.

    I'm currently raising an eyebrow.

  • For some reason a reply i did before the message you quoted is missing, i think is being reviewed by Mods.

    Apart from that, you are seeing things lol

    All my live streams has been recorded using the Elgato capture card, what you even mean by "inconsistent bitrate due to streaming via cast, you didnt use a capture card." You are tripping so much man.

    Get some rest, have a nice sleep, i think you need it

  • Thats not how it works and you know it because you can't stream at 120hz, once I'm back home I'll expose you again and show how 120hz passthrough actually looks like, itll be a fun debunk video.

    The capture card that ehunt uses tells the phone it supports 1080p240hz, still stuck at 60hz because it prioritizes certain modes over others.

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    Have you tried on good brand usb hub with hdmi 2.0 ? What usb hub you where using

  • He sent me his yt video playing codm on 120hz with capture card for him its working

  • He probably casts his phone to a PC and streams from there, thats why the quality of his stream is bad and its not fluid. You can also the the crunching bitrate and fluctuating framerate on his videos where he streams.

    This is what he did in a nutshell. I assume he didnt use the built in casting as on A10 it was horrid, he probably used something else to cast.

    This is a proper capture card gameplay video from my phone. Its a high motion game, the image is very clear, the motion is consistent and fluid.

  • Which ezcap card did you tried ? I m also think of buying ezcap . Which usb hub you used

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