Zenfone 9 extra's

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Soooo when and where can you buy the extras,eg the backpack clip thing??

I need to get a new phone asap and I am looking at the z 9 but I can't find where to buy the stuff you guys, yes I am looking at you Asus marketing, say make the phone complete????????????????????????????????????



  • If there is something ASUS is bad at, it's marketing. That's why something like the twinview dock failed.

  • Asus taiwan indicated next month in August, so September, to date it is in the store without date, without possibility of pre-order and without price

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
    edited September 2

    Yeah your spot on the money. Unbelievable to offer something that may make the difference between say buying the new zenfone 9 or going Feral. Even if I knew I could buy the backpack strap by a certain date ( a date set by Asus not the community that Google the name stuff I do) it would help but no response for is just Ludacris.

    Anyone out there who can help Asus marketing speak now!

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