Do you still need an official dock for Game Genie keyboard/mouse remapping?

Because trying to find one of these is getting real rare now!

If so, does the Mobile Desktop Dock (ZS660KLD) still work, or should I be looking out for something else? The Asus Professional Dock seems even rarer.



  • Mobile Desktop Dock was never compatible rog 5 / 6

    Asus Professional Dock 14 months without ever finding one

    No idea, already difficult just for the HDMI, on the other hand, if the recognition of the keyboard is possible, all the interest in games is the mapping of the keys as the rog3 did with the mobile desktop, this part has been removed in game genie rog 5 / rog 6

    Requests from Asus !!! it's like writing in white letters on a white background

  • HasneyHasney Level 1
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    Sorry, how do you mean removed? There's reviews of the ROG Phone 6 Pro out there that still have the keyboard and mouse remapping to on screen keys.

    Looking through it, if anyone at Asus could confirm compatibility with say the Asus SimPro Dock, I would grab it in a second.

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    it doesnt, only the "professional desktop dock" which you can't buy.

    Funnily enough nubias red magic allows you do use anything for keyboard and mouse mapping.

  • Ha, curious to see this review, I must have missed it and yet I am unable to count the list I have read in all languages.

    Since I got the ROG 5, I found only one ROG 3 user with the mobile desktop and the professional doc who bought the ROG 5

    The observation was that the ROG 5 connected to the professional doc could use the keyboard and the mouse well but unlike the ROG 3 the genius of the games the key mapping on the rog 5 was absent after the connection.

  • Yeah, it's in the GSM Arena review. Can't post links, but it even shows a photo of the setup.

  • Your title indicates Keyboard/Mouse and you give me an example of mapping with a Rog Kunai controller, fortunately the key mapping still exists with the controller otherwise I'm giving ASUS a lot of skin as a gaming actor.

    For the moment, I remain on my position, while waiting for an ASUS moderator to post us a key mapping screen with the professional doc and the ROG 5 or 6 because it must be the only ones to have this accessory.

    In the meantime, re-read the GSMARENA article and understand the last sentence.

    Unfortunately, Asus broke compatibility with the ROG Mobile Desktop Dock with the ROG Phone 5/5s generation, and it's not coming back. You can always count on the ASUS Professional No-KVM and No-KVM Docking Station to run a keyboard and mouse.

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    The paragraph right before that though:

    "Back to control mapping on the ROG Phone 6, things get even better when you connect it to a mouse, and keyboard combo and map those to on-screen controls. While similar solutions to achieve this level of frankly cheating in mobile games exist (most notable Octopus), Asus' offer is unique in its depth and low-level method of operation."

    So that's specifically talking about mouse and keyboard remapping, with your part saying the old dock does not work, but the Professional Dock (RIP) does.

  • Find me an example like this on the net with a Rog 5 or Rog 6, good luck

  • I mean, I have no idea. I'm just quoting one review and I don't really care if it works or it doesn't since you can't even buy the bloody thing. I was just curious to know if they'd opened it up to unofficial docks and it appears they did not.

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