3 anoing software poblems

First problem is the display brightness level in the task bar this option is hard to use becouse i must slide the task bar 2 times and after this i can change screen brightnes also i change the brightnes very often i dont like to use auto brightnes and becouse of this is very anoing to use this option

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Second anoing thing is in call recorder option every time when i wont to use this option i must turn it on when i make a calling in rog phone 5 was a option for automatically recording every call that i make witout need to press anything when i make a call

Third anoing this is this option

Every time when i abjust this option the settings that i apply dont stay pernament in few time animation scale go to default and this problem also was in rog phone 5 i abjust animation speed and after 1 day or more it goes to default and this is very anoing to change this option every time when go to default


  • I will be happy if asus support help to resolve this things becouse i am sure other people have same problems :)

  • Hello!

    Regarding the 2 first things, from what I'm aware it's made by design from Google, part of Android 12.

    The last one? I've been testing on a ROG6 here in the office and I am not having the same issue, are you on the latest firmware?

  • I think most of the userbase can agree that the design is quite questionable. The pixel users are still angry about it.

  • Ok i understand for the first 2 things is not dependent from asus support

    But the third roblem appear not so often maybe after few days when i set up the settings

    So i use this setting in animation scale and after using the phone it go to default but dont know what make this to go on default last time that happened was before 2 days and happened 2 times for the day but i do not notice what i do before animation scale go in default also the software was updated and for this problem i am sure is not depend how long time i use the device but what operation i make on the device i use it most for gaming,change gaming profiles and standard using of the phone and i think some of this operation that i make do this problem and make animation speed to default settings

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