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When will the talk come? The phone for treatment. Some errors. The phone is one of the errors. 1 There is a problem with the contact numbers. The phones are written in reverse 2. There is a malfunction in the microphone. It is not clear. The phone is very beautiful and I am happy to buy it. Thank you 


  • Hey @vtc99996, you can select the display options for your contact numbers by going to Contact settings>Display options>View contact names as

    Keep us updated if this helps resolve the issue.

    As for the microphone, can you please explain what issue are you facing?

  • Is there a solution to the problem of numbers in reverse?

  • The problem of the microphone was solved with the last update. Thank you. The percentage of incoming calls is the opposite due to the selection of the Arabic language. An illustration has

    been sent to you. Thank you. The phone is very beautiful and the sound of the speakers is amazing

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