Why can't I download dodgy pics?

Well. Sorry to raise this. But here goes:

CNN, BBC, Wikipedia, charities, trusts, clubs, shopping, forums, tech, .. .. anything at all really. The sites don't even have to be overtly worthy or respectable. Long press on an image, request Download, and there you have it.

But try for something dodgy - and the Download request fails with the message "Failed to download. Check internet connection." (And how does it know??)

I'm approx 400 years old, of unstated gender, irrelevant (and frankly meaningless nowadays) orientation and don't need this stuff or miss it. But by the same token, being over 18, surely I should be allowed it? This applies whether WiFi or Cell Data, all providers, any number of locations. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, whatever. The common link is *This ZenFone 8*!!!! And, moreover, I think the barrier started recently.

Any ideas how to circumvent this? Something in Settings?


  • Hi, I'm not totally sure what's happening here, but each browser has it's own process for downloading files so it should work even if Asus doesn't want you to. Given the limited updates that Asus are giving us so far (no security updates since May) and the focus on ZenFone 9 launch, I don't even think they would have enough ressources to spend time adding such a feature that would requires huge power to run an IA analysis on every file to know whats in it, then reject it. Even with this, you seem to be able to show the image on a webpage on the first place, so you can make a screenshot, which makes it totally useless.

    With all my geeky daily news reading, the only "censoring" tools I've heard of so far are either in China, or on cloud services (iMessages that will soon be able to "blur" sensible content on kids devices, Google Photos locking account if used to store abusive images, ...).

    Sometimes websites protect their own content by making it hard to save images (copyrights and stuff), but if something is actively preventing a download, it's either the website hosting (data protection), the provider or the proxy/DNS you're using.

  • Hello!

    I've noticed some apps do tend to have an anti-download filter which is mostly used just so that people do not download certain pictures or copy them.

    This is not only an ASUS matter.

  • Can you post a link as an example. I'm curious to test this

  • Try this .. .. .. <<Attemot to paste link>> <<FAILURE>> .. .. .. oh .. .. .. well now, there's a thing.

    I visited the site ess ee ex dot com and in no time at all found a pic that could not possibly be regarded even as saucy (and certainly not offensive) and captured its link. When I tried to paste the link here I got a "403 Forbidden" - so it looks as though this site too operates under some kind of moderating ordinance. What I would have added is: "This image is downloadable using Edge on ZF8; but not using Chrome or Firefox".

    It could be the ess ee ex in the URL? But there are other less transparent (less obvious) URLs where the DL verboten!! rule also applies.

    I'm not bothered at the guardian oversight - there are any number of workarounds. I am bothered that I cannot undertand any of: why / how it is introduced and enacted, or why which is browser used makes a difference.

    Or for that matter why / how the above attempt to paste a link also failed.

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    If your talking about the site s e x. Com

    Then yeah I could not download any photo for example using Samsung browser. I think this could be a site limitation though.

    I also tried it on another phone, Motorola and the same thing

  • Looks like the images are loaded through a CDN (you don't access the real files but a server is mirroring the original files).

    The browser is asked to not cache the file (probably for this exact purpose!) and the link is only usable one time. So when you try to download the picture, you're making another request but the URL you're requesting is not available anymore: the transfer fails.

    If you reload the page, the image looks like its the same, but is not actually the exact same link, as it would be expected on most websites, so the browser have to download the "new" one (very bad for data consumption on mobile networks).

    Not at all Asus related, but interesting to see how they protect their content.

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