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    I think they were referring to the old certification (lost support).

    I hope this vote on Orange forum will change anything but honestly I doubt a few votes will do that. I think Asus has to begin a new certification process by contacting Orange.

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    Can someone from Asus respond to the questions I asked in my first message please?

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    As a temporary solution @arielsajda proposed the following:

    1. You need an orange supported VoLTE phone . Put your sim card in it and enable volte and Vowifi. Make a test call with airplane mode on to ensure it works.

    2. Put your card into Zenfone, input the code *#*#3642623344#*#* into dialer

    3. Enable volte Vowifi in settings and it should work. If not, disable and enable again.

    It seems we just need to first enable the features on a phone that is actually certified.

    Thank you once again @arielsajda !

  • It worked for a few days and now stopped again. Probably due to missing certification Orange turned it off.

    Still waiting for a response from Asus, will anyone respond on this matter please?

  • I have the same problem volte not working in Orange. Asus do a recertification and respect your customers

  • It works only in Orange Flex, in other Orange brands Zenfone 8 will be blocked after short period of time. And in flex You don't need other phone to enable services, it works just after putting card int zenfone and enable volte and vowifi (after enterinG code in dialer).

  • Yes it works but not officially and only in one service. orange can disable it for you at any time. asus recertify and respect your customers. Asus don't leave your customers in the lurch.

  • Asus admins/staff, could you please tell us if there is any update on this matter? Is Asus working with OrangePL on the recertification of the ZF8?

  • Orange said that they would try certification again, if there will be enough people who want this. You have to write here: Asus Zenfone 8 - dodanie VoLTE oraz VoWiFi - Nasz Orange

    And (what would be even better), write to their support.

    Or just go to the flex, like all of us.

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    orange won't do it. they block it because they make money from it. if asus doesn't help us then nothing will.

    they even delete posts that are inconvenient

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