ROG 5 Intermittent voice on Microphone on applications but on phone calls are clear

Hi Guys and admin.

I am having problem with my ROG 5 that i thought they can fix with software update.

My Microphone on applications like (messenger call / or any games) are cutting but on phone calls its clear.


  • Hi @jplimpin17

    Thank you for reaching out.

    What firmware is your ROG 5 on? Please make sure it's on the latest one. Also, try updating the apps in which the audio is intermittent.

  • Hi @keren_ASUS

    Thank you for your reply.

    31.0810.1226.91 that is my software version and i always update my apps.

    do you have a troubleshooting method for this or app that i can download that may fix the problem ?

    i checked online and there are people having same issues with mine.

    maybe we can add this fix to upcoming patch or update

    thank you and have a nice day

  • Any update with the known issue of ROG 5 MICROPHONE NOT WORKING PROPERLY ON APP?

    @Admin @Karen_ASUS @Asus5®oG

  •  hi @jplimpin17

    Can you please update your device to the latest software version 31.0810.1226.114? Also:

    1. This issue occurs on what apps and games? (Please list)
    2. Any external device connected to phone? (Wired or bluetooth headsets, also its brand and model)
    3. Occurrence of this issue

  • Hi @keren_ASUS ,

    I just updated the firmware with WW-31.0810.1226.114.

    This issue is happening on voice calling applications like facebook messenger/whatsapp etc. and with the game MOBILE LEGENDS.

    I also tried to use an earphone wired and bluetooth and its all good with that but when i dont then they cant hear me properly , they say my voice keeps on cutting out.

    this is everytime that i use microphone on applications and games.

    Highly appreciated if the concern will be fix in the future updates.

    Thank you Admin @keren_ASUS

  • Any update with the known issue of ROG 5 MICROPHONE NOT WORKING PROPERLY ON APP?

    @Admin @Karen_ASUS @Asus5®oG

  • Still waiting for an update @Admin @Admin @Karen_ASUS @Asus5®oG

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