When to say No to an app update

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I do not allow apps to update automatically: so they present themselves and I Accept or Reject.

As a rule, say Yes.

But currently I am NOT accepting

Asus Mobile Manager --->

Asus Weather --->

I guess these are offered because of the increment in leading version number: 40 over 9 and 31 over 8. But these are both horrible and suspicious increases; and look at the dates: both historical! Anyway, initially I said Yes, after which MM became unusable (it just did nothing at all) and Weather was presented in Chinese. I think to recover a working MM I actually performed an entire hard re-boot and re-installation of the phone; to get back a working Weather I searched for and downloaded and re-installed the earlier version.

Any hints on (a) recommended updates to Asus MM or Asus Weather? (b) if so, where to get them? and more generally (c) how to recognise when an offered update should be declined?

Thank you!


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