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Can any rog phone 6 owners bend their phone and check if it snaps? If it does, can you let me know?

Just kidding, but seriously after watching a certain video about the Rog Phone 5...can any Rog Phone 6 owners tell us if it has a 'durable feeling'? The last solid and strong design was probably the Rog Phone 3. But let's see what any owners here say...


  • You don't need to own a ROG 6 to know the durability, it's the same design, the same battery in 2 top and bottom elements, the share in the middle and the difference in weight (1- 2 gr) indicates the same chassis, the result is therefore known in advance

    Asus should make a special ROG 5 and 6 pictogram

    Forbidden to sit or better pockets prohibited

  • Bit of a shame...Was watching teardown videos and while the battery placement is the same, there was some differences in between the battery which I was hoping would allow the bend test to be more durable.

    I never put my phone in my back pocket....but yeah it will probably stick out on the side pockets due to the size.

    My Rog Phone 2 died earlier this year. Was really sad it gave up as I was very happy with the phone and would have kept it for a few more years. I've pre-ordered the rog phone 6 but the bend test situation makes me a bit nervous. I wonder if there are any aftermarket rugged phone case that can help prevent it from accidentally getting snapped in half....

  • The bend test isnt the worrysome part.

    Also if you have a heatgun at home you have a very decent chance of getting your rog2 back to life.

  • Ok, you got my attention. You see, I have soldering skills and have opened small devices as a hobby. I don't mind disecting my Rog Phone 2. But....I wouldn't really know what to change.

    I can explain what happened. One day I was charging the phone and using it at the same time. It froze and I had these purple verticle lines appear and then it switched off. It never turned back on after that. I felt it may be a serious hardware issue, but if it's a common issue and there is a fix, i'm all ears and would like to try it...

  • Its a common problem with the power IC. Ive seen many youtube videos simply reballing the PM8150B chip, meaning if you just reflow the chip without reballing it you should be fine for another 2 years or so. The issues you have happening are mostly due to cracked solderballs.

    Just write on youtube "rog2 fix not powering on" or similair and youll get tons of youtube clips of people replacing the same dumbass power IC, reballing or or even just reflowing it. There is a small change that due to the cracked solder it runs off shorting the SOC but its rare.

  • Thanks for this. I think i'll give it a go. It's amazing how it's designed to give up on a specific amount of time. Here's hoping the Rog 6 is more durable. Honestly, I don't mind keeping a phone for years now. But seems like they are all getting weaker and either fail or break easy.

  • Its just ASUS being lazy with the rog series. They focus purely on the zenfone series. Look at lenovo, the duel 2 broke like a kitkat now look at their next gen the Y90 (CN), it will break your fingers before you can break it.

  • I've received my rog phone 6 today. The last time I've used a rog phone was with the rog phone 2.

    Obviously I'm not gonna bend it too hard, but it feels robust. Going to still get a good case to protect it.

  • Many just say "put a case on it" but completely forget that if you do that you can't cool the phone down so it'll be bend death vs heat death.

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