Unable to unlock bootloader


I had to send my phone in for repairs and got it back, but now i seem to be unable to unlock the bootloader.

Just like in the following discussion: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/59768/zenfone-8-i006d-failed-to-unlock-the-device-please-try-again

@Kris_ASUS I see you managed to fix the issues in that thread, could you please give me a hand?




  • Hi @fraksken

    Can you let me know what you have done so far to try and unlock the bootloader. Also make sure that you're using the latest version (Version V1.0.0.7).


  • Hi @keren_ASUS

    I have uninstalled the unlock application, downloaded it again and ran it.

    It now appears to be giving no error. Worth mentioning perhaps. The first installation of the application was done with adb. The second time I installed from the filesystem.

    Thanks for your fast response :)

  • Android bootloaders are typically proprietary software and based on the Qualcomm bootloader Little Kernel. In the context of Android, it is also called OEM Unlock. The bootloaders of Nexus devices can be unlocked by using the fastboot command OEM unlock



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